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Resurrection of Ancient Egypt
by Mahmoud Mansi
2011-12-11 09:32:06
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In the contemporary world of literature, there are readers who do not find the themes that satisfy their lust towards a different flavor of inspiration. They have to get back to the classical works that they have already read before. The trend of contemporary literature has been stable for so long, ever since both, writers and publishers have found the perfect material for offering a bestselling book. Very few writers and fewer publishers subject their careers in reviving the creative message of literature and affecting its trend.

the_forgotten_writers_400_01The Forgotten Writers foundation is issuing its first short story competition. The theme is about writing stories occurring in the era of Ancient Egypt, inspired by the mystery of this time. Hundreds of historical books spoke about Ancient Egypt, so the aim of this competition is not to narrate facts, but more like imagining the unwritten history of Egypt based on fictional stories of any genre. People from all over the world are welcomed to participate in this competition, and help in drawing their own views and philosophies of the enigmatic Pharaonic Age.

The suitable stories will be collected in one book to be published, and this will be the first contemporary literary book written about this topic. We aspire to make out of the Ancient Egyptians not only as gods of science, but inspiring muses too.

The foundation was created after the Egyptian revolution by Egyptian novelist and journalist Mahmoud Mansi, winner of A Sea of Words Literary Award for 2010 - Spain. The Mission of this foundation is to reveal the wonders of Egyptian Literature to the rest of the world, and to contribute with other cultures too. It is unfair to have our intellectuals buying and reading English books and giving nothing back in return to the world except their money. Globalization will be fulfilled in the world of Literature and Egypt will then have its recognizable place among readers all over the world.


Deadline: Date of the Revolution (25/Jan/2012)





For Guidelines / Please contact Mahmoud Mansi:


(002) 0100 92 818 08


Your Native Writer,

Mahmoud Mansi


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