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Witch Hunts, Immigrant Hunts, Civilian Terrorist Hunts... What's the Difference? Not Much!
by Leah Sellers
2011-12-04 10:34:59
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That’s right !  Not Much !
In fact, Witch Hunts, Immigrant Hunts, Civilian Terrorist Hunts… all share a similar Core Ingredient - Fear.  And Fear hungers for - longs for Scapegoats.  Craves to create and hate legendary Monsters, Boogiemen (and women), demons, and all other assortments of wriggling. conniving, seductive, diabolical, terrifyingly destructive and annihilating Evil Beings of Our own Making.

Boo !
What’s worse is when groups of so called Ruling Personages (like the Congressional Republicans: Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator John McCain, Senator Kelly Ayotte and Senator Carl Levin, and others) get together to change and/or create Laws which make Witch Hunts, Immigration Hunts, Civilian Terrorist Hunts… legal and all encompassing, due to their own Fears of losing power or control, Fears of anything and/or anyone different from themselves and/or not a part of their Agendas, their greed, their covetousness, their petty jealousies, their need to be Superior to others out of a false sense of Entitlement and Privilege…etc.
For example, during the Thanksgiving Season, the American Republican Senators (almost secretly, because the majority of the national media did not cover their covert goings-on to the general public) decided to push through a vote on (and haggle over) a rather nasty piece of legislation called the National Defense Authorization Act.
The National Defense Authorization Act will give Power to the American Government to order the Military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial Civilians anywhere in the World suspected of Terrorism.
How ?
They intend to call and make the World a Battlefield.  That’s right !  The Republican Senators have voted to call and make even the Homeland of the United States a Battlefield.  How convenient !
If you are designated a Terrorist by the Federal Government all of your Constitutional Rights are null and void.
You can be investigated (bugged and tailed), jailed, interrogated, tried and punished without the legal protections guaranteed by America’s ordinary Legal System and suffer Indefinite Detention Worldwide.
You can be considered a Suspicious Person if you buy gold (hang onto the gold crowns on your teeth), own a gun (does that include pellet guns), use a watch (We’re late, We’re late for a very important date) or binoculars (Birdwatchers of the World beware), donating to charity (a typical Terrorist Activity ?), email to find out about suspicious materials (Avoid any and all questions regarding Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and most especially Donald Duck), using cash (because it is important that the Sheeple of World remain addicted to credit cards and continue to blindly Trust the Nation’s and the  World’s thieving Global Banks and Global Corporations), and all other manner of mundane behaviors as potential indicators of domestic terrorism (is that vague enough for you ?  Anyone and any Behavior can fit into this category).
She’s a Witch !  He’s a Witch !  She’s an Immigrant !  He’s an Immigrant !  She’s a Civilian Terrorist !  He’s a Civilian Terrorist !  Quick !  Call the Authorities !  Call in the Military !  The Civilian Terrorists are coming !  Oh, wait a minute.  They’re already here !
In Hitler’s Germany it was the Jews !  The Bolsheviks !  The Bohemians !  The Mentally or Physically Handicapped !
During the Church’s Inquisitions it was the Heretics (anyone in disagreement with or in the way of the Church), and the Witches (primarily women who had knowledge and practiced skills in the Healing Arts).  Torture them into Confessions !  So, that We the Sheeple don’t have to feel so bad about our outrageously Bad Behaviors !  Hang them !  Drown them !  Stone them !  Burn them!
And the Historical Moments of Humanity’s Hysterias Worldwide go on, and on, and on…..
The Words, the Individuals, and the Groups are interchangeable, but the Heinous and Fear-based Motives which led to their persecution and destruction have never changed.
Humanity refuses to Grow Up.  To move forward into Enlightenment.  We insist on repeating the same old destructive and chaotic Behavioral Patterns.  We insist on leading ourselves into horrible Historical Moments of Insanity and Brutality.
We Can Do Better !  We Can Be Better, Brighter and more Noble !
Awareness is one of our Greatest Tools against the Fear Mongers, the Puppet Masters/ Mistresses, and becoming the Sheeple who bleat after them.  Who follow Them into the Abyss.
The only Light upon the horizon regarding these appallingly ludicrous and socially destructive measures Worldwide is that the White House has issued a Threat of Veto.  And some other concerned Congressmen are trying to alter the most negative and anti-Constitutional aspects of the Bill.
It’s comforting to know that not everyone in Washington D.C. is Crazy with Fear and ravenously hungry for Ultimate Power and Control.
However, only Time will Tell the Ultimate Tale.

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