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A Season of Anti-Trust
by Leah Sellers
2011-11-20 11:42:22
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An alleged Child rapist, Jerry Sandusky, sits somewhere in the shaken state of Pennsylvania experiencing the crumbling of his Foundation for Children, The Second Mile, and the shattering of his own Pillar of the Community.  He used to be one - a Pillar of the Community that is, until his deep, dark Secret popped out into the light of Public Opinion and Media Scrutiny.
Sandusky’s, one time Boss, Joe Paterno, the revered and award winning Coach of Penn State’s football empire, and Paterno’s Assistant Coach McQueary are also in the Hot Box.
Why ?
It appears that Paternal Paterno and Bleary McQueary both knew about Sandusky’s immoral and devastating twisted passions - his acts of sexual violence upon at least one ten year old boy in a Penn State shower room, and Chose not to take effective steps to stop Mr. Sandusky’s criminal acts against Humanity’s Children.
As a result, of McQueary’s, Paterno’s and other Penn State representatives and administrators non-actions and/or secretive actions , Mr. Sandusky remained Free and Diabolically Empowered to rape and ruin the Mindscapes (and more than likely Lifescapes) of several other Innocent Children.
Ah, these Pillars of the Community.  Ah, these Societal Warriors.
Football is America’s most popular Warrior Sport.  A bone breaking Game of brute strength in which one Team chases another Team from one end of a prescribed Field of Green to the other in order to take control of an inflated leather ball.  These Teams push, shove, sweat, grunt and groan throughout the year for thousands and millions of dollars.  Americans call these Sports Warriors - Heroes.
Penn State’s Football Empire, like most other University Football Empire’s, brings in a lot of Money.  Millions of dollars pour into many Universities coffers all over America due to their Football Empires.  As a result, these Empires appear to be worth any price - even the precious price of a Child’s Safety and Life, in order to keep the Empire and the University’s veneer of excellence and relevance in tact.
Ah, the Value of a Child’s Life when compared to a Football Empire and University’s reputation, and money earning machinery.  Grind !  Grind !  Childburger meat anyone ?!
And we call these Societal Warriors - Heroes.  We call them Pillars of the Society.  We worship and revere them.  Our Children worship and revere them.
Some Folks even describe Football as a Religion - a Spiritual Experience.  Coaches become the High Priests of Adoration.
Sandusky used to work for the Penn State Football Empire, and used his contacts from the Penn State Program to expand the influence and growth of his Foundation for Children, The Second Mile.
For years Sandusky was given the Trust of Children and their Parents from all over America.  Everyone was excited about The Second Mile’s positive impact on various Children’s lives.  Never suspecting (or perpetually denying) the real impact Sandusky was having upon a Chosen Many of the Innocent Souls he sought to violate and Forever Damage.
Sandusky, and Predators like him, leave nothing in their Wake but Chaos and Destruction.  The Lives they sear become Vessels of Broken Trust - Anti-Trust.
Leaders - Societal Warriors - who do nothing to stop Social Predators (Mind, Heart and Soul Annihilators) out of Fear of losing Prestige and/or Money are in some ways no better than the Violator Sandusky, because they are also Violators of Individual and Public Trust.  There are many Ways to Rape an Individual - a Society.
Ultimately, they Betray Them-Selves and Everyone else involved with or touched by their series of Betrayals.  They all become Serial Betrayers.
The Global Leaders, Global Corporations, Global Banks and Elitist Few of the World are also much like the Sandusky’s, Paternal Paterno’s and Bleary McQueary’s of the World.  When they Betray Humanity, for whatever Reason(s), they create a Wake of Broken Trust, Chaos and Destruction.  They Rape and Rob what is best in Humanity for Their own Gratifications and Gains.
Only when Humanity truly Seeks and successfully Grapples with what is Highest and Best/ Lowest and Worst within Our-Selves can We really Know Our-Selves better, and best learn to more fully Improve and Survive.
Each incremental step toward Active Self Enlightenment moves Humanity more completely toward Its Illuminated Ability to positively and productively Nurture and Sustain Our-Selves through and beyond the tumultuous Seasons of Anti-Trust.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-11-20 14:17:35
Powerful analogy of the rape of children and the rape of humankind, Leah; well done. Indeed, there are all sorts of predators around us. All the more they need to be identified and exposed and laws to that effect ought to be enacted. I just watched a movie last night which, not unlike There Will Be Blood exposes some of the predatory financial tactics on Wall Street. The kind of tactics which now necessitate that one in four retirees in America work well in their 80s simply to be able to live a decent life and survive in their old age. It is titled Margin Call starring Kevin Spacey. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand the logic and the sheer greed and moral corruption present in some financial centers, not only on Wall Street and the US but globally in all centers of power and privilege. The question arises: is this corruption a mere anomaly or is it integral part of the fabric of capitalism? Marx already attempted to answer the question way back in the 19th century. Perhaps it needs an urgent revisiting.

Leah Sellers2011-11-22 03:59:58
Hello Brother Emanuel,
Thanks for the tip regarding the movie Margin Call.
Also, the fault dear sir lies within ourselves. Even Communism has never really experienced pure Communism. It has always been a victim of totalitariansm and dictatorships. It has always had a priveleged ruling class.
Our global diemma is a moral and ethical one. Our Inner Minds, Emotions and Souls are what We need to be re-Evaluating, re-Working and re-Prioritizing.
Then no matter what Social System each of us decides is best for us as Individuals or Groups will Work Justly, Fairly, and Properly, because the People creating and energizing it will be coming from Just, Egalitarian, and Universally Compassionate points-of-view and points-of-action.
Only when We All take responsibility and accoutability for our parts in the Global Debacle and Dysfunction can We all begin to Make Sense of all of the Non-Semse and walk into a New Age of Enlightened and Illuminated Humankind and Planetary Cornucopia and Balance.

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