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A Smattering of Patterning
by Leah Sellers
2011-11-05 08:00:33
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Patterns are important. Patterns are Revelatory.

For instance, Globally Every-One (just like the Occupy Wall Streeters, Occupy Washington D. C.ers, Occupy Londoners, Occupy Parisianers…) should be Following and Challenging the Money. Following and Challenging the World’s Debt. Cha-ching-a-ling!

Ever wonder What and Who that very complicated and convoluted Economic-Sociological-Judicial-Political-Corporate-Elitist Labyrinth will eventually lead to ?
Ever wonder if the folks responsible for manipulating the unethical and sabotaging Fiscal Fun-n-Games and Smoke-n-Mirrors which created the World’s Debt will experience any kind of Energy correcting Justice ?
Another Pattern to be attuned to involves the restructuring of our Local, National and Global Laws.
We must remember, that the Corporations, Banks and Elitist Few own almost all of our Law Makers (our politicians, lawyers and judges). They bought Them off, InDebted and EnSlaved Them when they plied Their campaigns with Money. They tainted and twisted Their Integrity and Will for the Common Good of All with the Fat and Rich Promises of the Golden Calf (Moo-lah).
The Common Man and Woman must establish a Pattern of holding the Wrong-doers in the Light of Revelation. Then, and only then, can We the People begin to Honestly and Openly Communicate and Initiate Innovative and Universally Benevolent Change. To set things to Rights. To hold the Wrong-Doers Accountable. To mete out Equitable Justice and Establish National and Global Behaviors and Social Structures which Nurture and Sustain Every-One, and Our Planet.
We must also pay attention to the disturbing Patterns within and around conversations and laws regarding Immigration.
For example, in America, states like Arizona and South Carolina are fighting the Federal Government in the Courts over these States wanting to change Local Laws which would allow police (and other military personnel) to stop Citizens for Random (or not so Random) Probable Cause, and ask for proof of Citizenship.
Oddly enough, it appears that in order to avoid the charge that these States could be accused of being guilty of practicing Racial Profiling, and thusly complicate this manipulative and growing Pattern of creating Fear-based Law formations, that News stories are now being fed to the American public concerning White Russian Spies.
Now all Races are up for grabs ! Up for Random Probable Stops and Searches, Check Points and Pat Downs ! Now we're all profilable and under the suspicious, invasive and Ever-Present Myopic Cyclops Eye !
Yes, that’s right ! The Russians are coming ! The Mexicans are coming ! The Immigrants are coming ! The Occupiers are coming ! The Terrorists are coming !
The Fear of the Cold (and Tepid and Hot) War must run rampant once again in the American Citizens' veins !
We must build Great Walls at our Borders to protect us ! We must get American Citizens used to State-to-State Check-Points, constant surveillance, Pat Downs, and regularly (and nervously) rifling around in their glove compartments, purses and wallets for Citizenship Papers ! Proof of Validation !
Our Cowardly, Fear-based New World cannot, and will not, tolerate In-Valids !
We must repeat Old World Terrorist Tactics on Our Citizens in order to control and manipulate them ! Baa ! Baa ! After all, they are just Sheeple. Nothing more and Everything less !
We must continue to slowly, but surely, erode and diminish Every-One's Civil Liberties, Freedoms and Rights ! Slip-Slidin' Away !
Pay Attention to and Follow the deluged myriad of Paths of All of the Laws of the Land. Follow and Ethically and Intellectually Challenge All of the Laws of the Land (Statewide, Nationwide, and Globally).
More and more of the Laws of the Land are Changing in order to favor the desires and manipulations of the Elitists - the Puppet Masters.
Fewer and fewer Laws of the Land are protecting the Average Joe's and Jane's of the World.
While Protective Regulatory Entities that Protect and help to Sustain Every-One and the Planet are being dismantled or flat-out ignored Everywhere, the Laws of the Land are getting more constrictive, restrictive and watered-down for the Common Man and Woman within their plain, old Ordinary Lives.
There are Patterns of Constructive Unity and Universal Benevolence, and Patterns of Destructive Division and Universal Malevolence.
Patterns are important. Patterns are Revelatory.
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Emanuel Paparella2011-11-05 10:48:07
Interesting and insightful Leah. It brought me back to Vico's New Science. He does not speak of patterns but of three cycles of civilization. In the last cycle, which is one of full-fledged rationality devoid of feelings and imagination, the civilization declines. And then Vico adds sardonically: "And in the end they go crazy."

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