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Ancient Chicken Yard Socio-Eco-Politics
by Leah Sellers
2011-11-01 07:15:24
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While helping my Mother take care of her Chickens this past weekend, I found myself in a brief reverie of horizontal and vertical comparisons between Life in the Chicken Yard and today’s (and yesterday’s) Human Socio-Eco-Politics of Master and Slave - Predator and Prey.
Ancient Chicken Yard Socio-Eco-Politics

Here, Chick, Chick
That’s right you Talk to Mama
You Cluck and Squawk
And Sing to those Babies
Sing ‘em a Soft Feathery Lullabye
About Mama’s Fluffy Chicken and Dumplin’s
And fresh, made from scratch, Chicken Pot Pies
You Hens get together and Harmonize me up some fine Scrambled Eggs
While ‘ole rooster Jake commences to Crowin’ and Struttin’
His ‘ole Shimmy and Shake
He sure does put on a Show
With his Barnyard Boogie
And the next thing you know
We got a Coop full of bright-eyed Peeps
Here, Chick, Chick
That’s right, you Talk to Mama
While scratchin’ and pluckin’ up those wrigglin’ Ground Critters
And stuffin’ ‘em down your hungry Beaks for keeps
That’s Right, Y’all Sing for Mama
Eat all this mighty fine Grain and Grit
‘Cause Papa’s already stovin’ up the barbeque pit
Here, Chick, Chick
I just don’t have the Heart to do it
Papa’s gonna have to pop and wring the Neck
Of one of you unfortunate Pullets
I’ll Raise you, Name you, and Love you as my own
But I don’t want to know til the day after
Whose flesh and bones I’ve been chompin’ and suckin’ on
Here, Chick, Chick
That’s right, you Sing for Mama
You Cluck and Squawk
My brightly feathered little Busy Bodies
Tonight’s Cookin’ Pot is simmerin‘,
Steamin‘, and whistlin’ a Fateful Tune
It’s unpleasant shrillin’ Pressure Cooker Melody is callin’
For one Fat Chicken’s lamentable doom
Here, Chick, Chick
That’s right, y’all Talk to Mama

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