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Caption of the month Caption of the month
by The Ovi Team
2011-11-02 07:17:14
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And the pan-European symbol; the euro and the unity! Just look at this photo and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.


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Emauel Paparella2011-11-02 16:44:22
Ten thousand years from now in the year 12011:
Archeologist n. 1: Look what I found, an ancient currency of the year 2011. I wonder to which civilization it belonged.
Archeologist n. 2: Let me see. Oh, it’s a euro; it was the currency of a great civilization named after the goddess Europa whom Zeus abducted…
Archeologist n. 1: you mean it is an extinct civilization like Atlantis? And why did it die.
Archeologist n. 2: they decided to play Russian Roulette with their destiny and instead of remembering their origins in the distant past they focused on the future and the attainment of power, wealth, production, consumption, all the idols which made them forget their origins and corrupted them. Somewhat like the Romans. But instead of the Mediterranean sea the Atlantic was in between them.
Archeologist n. 1: so what happened; how and where did it end?
Archeologist n. 2: it ended where it began. They played the exciting financially corrupt power game till the gun went off. Too bad. They could have returned to their origins and devised a new paradigm.
Archeologist n. 1: Instead they committed suicide. Does not sound very clever.
Archeologist n. 2: Indeed, they were clever by half.

Nick zilkon2013-02-14 03:56:21
do not litter throw trash in bins

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