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November 2011 choices November 2011 choices
by The Ovi Team
2011-11-01 07:15:10
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November can be dark nights next to the fire with friends talking and eating. So, for this month Ovi magazine choices are about rating and drinking wine.

Site of the month: My Recipes

MyRecipes.com features the largest collection of professionally-tested recipes online from food experts at the magazines and cookbooks you love and trust--including Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, Coastal Living, Real Simple, and more.
Find the food you need for any occasion with our recipe finder. Easily refine your search with any of nearly 150 recipe categories. The site delivers every type of recipe you could want, from decadent desserts and authentic cuisines to great-tasting healthy favourites with nutrition information that is reviewed by registered dieticians.
Enjoy daily features that include quick meal ideas, seasonal menus, cooking videos, cookbook reviews and our take on the latest gadgets. Get holiday tips and entertaining ideas for any size gathering. You'll also find thousands of big, mouth-watering photos and scores of how-to videos with tips to help you cook with confidence.
Save your favourite recipes. Build and email your shopping lists. Create and pass around menus for upcoming get-togethers. Rate the recipes and discover new must-try dishes from thousands of reviews from fellow cooks.

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Blog of the month: Vinography

Vinography began on January 15th, 2004 as a personal project for founder and editor Alder Yarrow. The site is now a respected source for non-mainstream wine writing, and one of the most influential wine blogs on the Internet. Featuring wine and sake reviews, restaurant reviews, editorials, book reviews, wine news, and wine event coverage, Vinography publishes new content daily to a global readership. The site's contributors work hard to create an alternative to the traditional sources and styles of wine journalism, partially through its emphasis on the stories, the people, and the passion behind wine, all told from a decidedly down-to-earth perspective.

Vinography is strongly committed to maintaining our objectivity as a source for wine criticism and commentary, and our intelligent community of civil and respectful wine lovers. We do not and never will accept advertising from wineries, winegrowers, or wine production companies, and as a rule we do not permit commercial plugs for products, services, or other web properties in comments by readers.

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Photo of the month:
still wood!




Ovi magazine always helped new creators and especially now under the financial disaster in Greece we are going to help and support new creators and their work in Greece. 

Handicrafts with the duck and the sesame
Handicrafts made by very own hands with joy and playfulness

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