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Killing a dog
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-10-26 07:15:44
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How strange it was seen Muammar Gaddafi bitten and pleading for his life and the next minute seen him dead and how ironic feeling that there was a scene of a repulsive murder with victim a notorious serial murderer. And the same scene was repeated with his son and then again with Gaddafi’s supporters is Sirte and again and again with thousands of videos overwhelming internet and transmitting the most offensive pictures all around the world; I’m afraid reminding us that we have a long way until we understand what democracy is about.

And how ironic talking about democracy over Gaddafi’s dead body that is demonstrated in his last stronghold city and even young kids can go and see it training another generation. And please don’t misunderstand me; Muammar Gaddafi was a serial killer who disserved punishment. Punishment not revenge but what he got was revenge and not punishment. He will not stand in front his victims, he will not apologize, he will not understand and he will never regret. I don’t believe in the after life but this man died believing that he was unfairly murdered. And I think this is unfair for all the thousands he destroyed, tortured and murdered. I wanted exactly the same for Hitler and I wanted exactly the same for Stalin. I wanted Saddam to stand in front the Kurdish people he murdered with chemicals and I want Mugabe to stand in front of a nation he mass murders day after day. Thi8s is justice, revenge is not justice.

But who can you blame now? The random man who shot him? The man who pulled the trigger? The man most likely feels like a hero this moment. He killed the “dog” and the “dog” was not a human, he had been inhumanized in such way that looking at his photos you were expecting him to start howling instead of speaking. And do you know what the saddest thing is? The way Muammar Gaddafi was killed, the timing and the way has shadowed everything else and yes it gives the right to his wife to start talking about …justice from her exile in Algeria.

And I’m not trying to provoke or insult anybody with this article neither I missed the “big picture” which wants the tyrant dead; what I’m trying to remind is that our aim is democracy and democracy is not revenge and murder. In democracy we fight revenge and murder since they are characteristics of a tyranny.  And yes this murder will give alibi not only to enemies but also to allies. Remember what happened with all the tyrants that had the same violent end escaping justice. The few accomplices that were arrested were covered under the cliché “we were following orders” and the rest vanished into the chaotic situation the death started. Was Muammar Gaddafi alone ruling the country? Didn’t his private army and his private officials participate in any of his crimes or he shot and tortured himself all these thousands of people? Where are they? The “dog” is dead! It was so convenient when Milosevic died, not because the Serbian people were guilty, on the contrary but because the real guilt was never arrested except some exceptions. And please don’t tell me about national unity and security, we should have learned from the past in this sector as well when Nazis joined secret services like Stasi in East Germany continuing their work and perfecting their methods. What a dangerous beginning for a democracy and especially for a democracy they earned with blood.

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