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Should Harold Camping Be A Stockbroker or a Sports Bookie?
by Jack Wellman
2011-10-23 11:16:29
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Since Harold Camping has failed in predicting the end of the world several times now, I have an idea.  Perhaps he should be in the Stock Market business.  He might have better luck in choosing what stocks to buy and which ones to avoid.  But of course, what good are stocks if the world’s going to end anyway.

cmapingoutThe sad fact is that hundreds of failed prophecies have come and gone.  These so-called “prophets” are actually a sign of the times.  Did not Jesus say that no man can know the hour when He will return?  If Harold Camping reads the Bible, then why does he skip this verse?  He is actually doing more harm than good.  He should consider himself lucky that He doesn’t live in the Old Testament times because he would have been stoned to death for being a false prophet.

He is also doing harm to those who are truly evangelical Christians.  He brings shame to the name of Christ in my opinion.  Jesus said in Matthew 24:35 that no one will know the day or even the hour, yet Camping has falsely claimed to know both the day and the hour three times now.  I believe that even in baseball you get three strikes and you are out.  Perhaps his credibility will be totally gone now.  I hope that those who support him financially will understand that he can not possibly know when Christ will return.  The fact is that he might be better off being a bookie in Vegas and predicting sports scores.  When he picks a team, then the wise thing to do is to pick the other team, because given his track record, he is 0- 3.  At least he has a perfect score…perfectly wrong.

Don’t let this man fool you.  Christ is coming back and He could come back at any time now, but He will actually come back when we least expect it.  And we can not expect any human to know this. 


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Emanuel Paparella2011-10-23 20:08:19
Indeed, Harold Camping is of those people who give a bad name to religion in general. His concept of prophecy is certainly weird and as unbiblical as they come. To make religion a guessing numerical game in prediction of events is to transform it from religion (based on freedom, without which there is no ethics and morality) into a cult. No wonder that, given the bad reputation religion has acquired because of the likes of Camping, some theologians such as Bonhoffer, have been talking of a “religion less Christianity.”

Jack2011-10-23 20:51:58

Well stated Emanuel. My compliments. You said it better than I could have in a hundred articles.

Biff2011-10-24 05:32:09
Religion gives religion a bad name. All boring fiction.

Jack2011-10-25 03:01:26

Truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction without truth is boring.

Biff2011-10-25 04:13:21
I will pass on the Kool-Aid

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