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And the World Drones On...
by Leah Sellers
2011-10-21 07:45:16
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Drones are interesting and innovative flying Technobots.  Mechanical Inventions which can soar into the Wild blue Yonder and hug the Earth’s Turf at the click of a Mouse or the flick of a Human Being’s fingertips.
Want a seemingly bloodless War (or a War that’s not called a War) ?  Launch a Drone to strike with surgical precision any chosen target (or targets).
Strike Who ?  Strike What ?
Why, to strike the Leaders of Nations.  The Leaders of Groups or Factions You don’t like or agree with.  Individuals you don’t like or who oppose You in some way.  The Neighbor next door You’ve been spittin’ at, fightin’ and feudin’ with for years…..
Heck, Drones do away with Mass Human casualties and collateral damages.  Or so We’re told.  As long as oppositions, hatreds or feuds don’t continue to escalate or spew over into Mass Malcontent or begin dancin’ and prancin’ to the Mighty Military Mambo.
If America Feels (or Thinks) that it has the Ethical Right (or UnEthical Wrong) to use Drones for surgical strikes for assassinations, then so does every other National Leader around the Globe.
Oh what Fun these New War Game Rules will be for Future Generations and Future Global Relationships (not to mention the negative Ripple Effect.Affect - Seen and Unseen - these New Techno War Game Rules are already having on Our Present Generations and Present Global Relationships.
After all, turn about is Fair Play !
America uses a Drone to kill a terrorist Leader (and some of his followers) in a Middle Eastern country, and then allegedly Iran (supposedly with the help of a South American drug cartel) Feels or Thinks that it must then come into America and attempt to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador.  Sounds like a fictional  I-Spy Fairytale in the Making.
Yes, America has a contentious Congress that presently can’t get any Work done (so why are American Citizen’s continuing to send them a pay cheque?).  But is that a Reason to launch assassination Drones on the heels of an Executive Order alone ?  Hmmmm.
Wars are devastating and destructive enough without creating a World in which no War is ever declared by a Nation, but is covertly fought, nonetheless, by Deadly Drones.
What kind of a World We are Choosing to Live in !
Iran may not have any Drones ready to carry off assassination schemes right now, but they apparently have plenty of people willing to be Martyrs and Walkin’, Talkin’ Time Bombs.
Whoa, Boys and Girls.  Perhaps we should rein in this runaway Deadly Technobot and War Game of Our Own Making.
Do We really want a World filled with Drones humming, buzzing, vibrating and zipping around from Nation to Nation, State to Province, City to City, Capitol Building to Capitol Building, Home to Home……etc., at the drop hat, the nod of some Leader’s furrowed brow or another Leader’s enthusiastic Thumb’s-up ?
If Governments can purchase and or make Death Drones to use at Will, then eventually Private Elitist Enterprises will purchase and or make Death Drones to use at Will.
What’s to stop Them ?  Money buys everything.  Right ?  Even cute and cool Technobot Death Machines and other various and assorted Deadly War Toys.
We All like things that go “Bang!”, don’t We ?  Things that Hurt or Kill Others ?  Isn’t that what we’re conditioned to Think and Feel ?
Welcome to a Fear-based New World where invasive and deadly Robotic Inventions and Innovations Drone on, and on and on… into Societal, Environmental and eventually Planetary Oblivion.
Perhaps, We should re-Think and re-Direct Our Innovative, Inventive, Political, Economic, and Societal Decisions and Visions into far more Beneficial Pursuits for the Common Good of Humanity and Humanity’s Children.
Shhht !  Do You hear that buzzing overhead ?!
Grab Your-Selves !  Grab Your Children !  Grab Your Loved Ones !
The Drones are Coming !  The Drones are Coming !

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Jack2011-10-24 18:04:39
Well said, Leah. Yes, this is the old Jack from Brenham. Would love to chat.

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