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Opinion sevenfold
by The Ovi Team
2006-09-10 17:55:10
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We created the Ovi magazine as a live portfolio two years ago. During these two years many things have happened, some not so good and some really good. We dealt with them all with humour, or at least we tried. Today we launch the daily Ovi, an encompassment of our dreams, ambitions and determination to prove all their critics wrong. The cynics, the disbelievers, the copycats, even some evil media ‘godfathers’ have all tried to undermine our project, but there is no beating a resolute Greek and unwavering Englishman.

At first glance it may seem as though very little has changed, other than the layout and the addition of advertising, but an overwhelming sensation will strike you as you delve deeper into the belly of the new daily Ovi. You will begin to ask, "How much material is contained within this website?", "Does it have an end?" and "Will I get any work done today?"

A number of brand new sections have been added, other sections have received a facelift and our classic sections remain untouched, but bear in mind that some sections are not running at full capacity yet. We have held a great deal of material back, so nobody is frightened away by the avalanche of information and services available, although the implementation of RSS feeds and podcast technology should ease some of that pressure.

Ovi is now being run as a commercial site, complete with advertising, bookshop and merchandise, so please support us via one of these methods. The decision to go 'commercial' was driven by the desire to eventually reimburse our voluntary contributors for their time, energy and creativity - a goal that the Ovi team hopes to reach quickly. Going commercial was not so simple for us and that’s the reason we’ve been waiting for so long. We wanted to establish our presence as opinionated magazine and then stand firm on our principles; we will not compromise our beliefs to any degree in the name of any profit or self-centred ambitions.

The term 'Ovi team' describes the editorial team, but it actually encompasses everybody who has participated in the Ovi magazine, since its creation in December 2004. "There is no 'I' in Ovi!" Asa once quipped, but the new daily Ovi could not have become a reality if it hadn't been for one particular individual who helped "a resolute Greek and unwavering Englishman" realise their aspirations.

Tony Watts deserves a knighthood for the patience, understanding, technological genius and good humour at dealing with two individuals who would always have just one small change to make to every page, every day. In fact, they both still have lists that will take a few years to bring to fruition, namely items three and four on Thanos' list: world domination and a pint of Guinness.

There is a danger of changing this editorial into an Oscar acceptance speech, so we shall begin to close these thoughts. You can find pages explaining what is new, pages detailing how something-else works and there is always the contact, comments and forum to leave feedback and ask a real person for assistance.

We hope you will enjoy this new daily journey, join us, participate in debate and get your opinion into our pages.

We cover every issue…every day.

Asa and Thanos

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Thanos2006-09-05 15:56:05
One of the biggest problems we had and have to deal with is copycats. However people must understand that stealing ideas to text they don't steal what is inside our minds and therefore you can only feel sorry for them since their creativity stops in stealing!!!

Asa2006-09-05 16:01:32
I guess too many people still that just because it is online copyright doesn't count. How many have read or even heard about Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998?

Tony2006-09-06 18:48:25
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Any challenge or competition in life makes us perform better and work harder. I am looking forward to this new step from Ovi and the quality it will push you to achieve.

Frank2006-09-06 10:52:10
Congrats on the Daily Ovi! I'll be coming in regularly :D

Thanos2006-09-07 08:47:43
I hope ...daily!!! ;)

Alan2006-09-08 17:39:01

Asa2006-09-11 20:50:31
There you go, Tony wants a challenge...let's deliver on that!

Lee T.2006-09-13 21:06:52
Ovi Daily has gone live and its time for me to add a review for you. This time I thought I’d write about something very close to home… the Ovi Magazine Daily site.

I am a huge believer in first impressions. That initial contact with someone or something new can often leave a footprint on the memory which doesn’t wash away with the next tide. It is carved and chiselled and remains there, like the Easter Island statues, for thousands of years.

When you first type in www.ovimagazine.com generally you’ll know where you’re going. Most surfers who land on the homepage of Ovi will usually be the loyal regulars with their bookmark saved or they will have been recommended/heard about the site somewhere else (Ovi Bad Boys Radio Show or one the addictive Blogs associated with the site). For those people you are welcomed at the front door with bold and structured colour, there’s no flashing adverts or annoying pop-ups. This is a clean and confident site with simple navigation at heart. I love the up-to-date news ticker from the reputable BBC and I also appreciate not being taken away from Ovi when I click on a story which interests me.

The main thing that strikes you when you look at the homepage is the fantastic use of art and images. All the articles have either a topic-specific image or some conceptual art work associated with it and I find it engaging and creative. I would like to see the date of submission added to the articles, although it is detailed when you click on the article itself.

For most new visitors to the site they will be brought here by search engine giving relevant article relating to their queries. There is a strong chance you’ll be taken straight to the heart of Ovi, almost through the secret door. Most of the familiar structure remains and it allows the visitor to read easily. There are aspects I like and those I would improve. I like the comments feature, this give the reader a chance to give feedback and engage in the debate. This is particularly useful because Ovi is not afraid to establish its opinion, you won’t find the editors sitting on the fence. For those with limited internet knowledge I would be worried the tag words you lose their use, also that the “Print – Comment – etc.” almost get lost in the background. These are crucial interactions on the site and should be displayed with pride.

When these new visitors arrive I hope they continue their search around the site. Making good use of the search Ovi function and discovering the consuming delights of U DO I DON’T, also be sure to check out the cartoons section for a good chuckle at some observation humour. Generally I am impressed by the new site and I look forward to the developments over the next few days, weeks and months. Anyone reading this should also be aware that if what I have described has changed it is down to the organic nature of the site and its continuing mission to evolve.

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