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October 2011 choices October 2011 choices
by The Ovi Team
2011-10-01 11:45:25
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For the year 2011 October is the month of domestic violence awareness and about time to remind fair trade even with a …duck and sesame example. So, Ovi magazine’s choices for site and blog of the month are:

Blog of the month: Sanctuary for the abused

Articles, clickable links & resources for victims & survivors. Dealing with verbal, psychological & emotional abuse and personality disorders.


For more interesting blogs check, HERE! 

Site of the month: Fair Trade

The Fairtrade Foundation is the independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards.  The Foundation was established in 1992 by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Traidcraft, the World Development Movement, and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.  Member organisations now also include Banana Link, Methodist Relief and Development Fund, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, People & Planet, SCIAF, Shared Interest Foundation, Soroptimist International, Tearfund and the United Reformed Church.



For more interesting links check, HERE! 


And since Ovi magazine always supports young people with needs for a job especially now with the economic crisis in Greece, two young women with inspiring Jewry talent and fair prices.

Handicrafts with the duck and the sesame
Handicrafts made by very own hands with joy and playfulness

For more interesting blogs check, HERE!

Photo of the month: Autumn clouds

For more photos check HERE!

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