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Oligarchy Malarkey !
by Leah Sellers
2011-09-27 07:49:12
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Blah !  Some dishes should never be served hot or cold.  Ribbit !
An old Frog tale asserts that if you put a Frog into a pot of water and turn the heat up ever so slowly, that the Frog will sit there and quietly, and gradually, be boiled to death.
Awareness of your Environment and Circumstances is a wonderful and terrible State of  Being.  A State of Being the Frog probably would have appreciated.
However, Awareness is only half of the Struggle and possible Solution to escaping a Hot Pot Situation.  The next step (or hop) is Choosing to Act (not just Re-Act) on that Awareness in order to Innovatively and Constructively Change the Environment and the Circumstances creating such discomfort and danger (such as boiling to death complacently innocent and trusting Froggies).
Froggies (Sheeple/People) of the World Awaken and Seek Awareness of Our Shared  predicument - Our plight !  Hop out of the Global Hot Pot !
What is the Boiling Pot ?  The Hot Pot ?
The World’s volatile and reactive Global Economy !  It’s corrupting Everything and Everyone !
Governor Rick Perry of Texas has called the American Social Security System a ponzi scheme.  How apropos !  Because that’s also a good label for the World’s Global Economy.  And the Global Oligarchs are the Puppet Masters who perpetually guide and manipulate the Economic Hot Pot as a Grande Casino.  A diabolically whimsical Game of Chance, filled with Elements of Ruinous Greed, Empty Promises and eventual Destructive Anarchy.
Our National and Global political, corporate and economic leaders have (for the most part) all decided to play around with hedgy-wedgy funds, slushy-mushy funds, and derivatives at the expense of everyone else in the World.  And then when They couldn’t pay up or pay off their risky debts or Their clambering Shareholders, the Oligarchs blamed all of Their Mis-Takes, Mis-Steps and Woes on all of the Froggy Chattel (Ordinary Citizens, the Middle Class and the Poor) of the World.
That’s right !  It’s everyone else’s fault !  Blaming Fingers (media hucksters, radio airwave jockeys, newspaper gurus and boob-tube jabberwockies) are pointing wildly and distractingly left, right and centrally everywhere !
So, what were the Global Oligarchs’ next Self-Serving and Power-Seeking Mis-Takes/Mis-Steps ?  They had the American Taxpayers (for the most part) pay off Their Global debts, Shareholders and CEO’S with Our Tax dollars, and then They decided to hold onto the rest of the Taxpayers monies, and refuse Global Liquidity and loans to the Ecoomic Heart of the Middle Classes - Small Entrepreneurial Businesses.  Causing the shrinkage and gradual dissipation of the Middle Class and the ever overwhelming rising tides of the Jobless and the Poor.  Causing the Citizens of America and the World to lose Faith in the effectiveness of its overall Social, Political and Economic Structures.
Why ?  Because the Global Oligarchs ( the Global Bankers, Global Corporate Talking Heads and Elitist Few) are all about voracious and ever hungry Monopolies - Conglomerates.  The Global Oligarchs are about Owning, Amassing and having Leverage over, under and above Everything and Everyone.  The Global Oligarchs (like entitled kings and queens of old) seek Total Control.  And out of anger, confusion and Fear, We the People/Sheeple/Froggies of the World are handing it over to Them.
The failings and losses, scams and schemes, thefts and extortions of the Global Oligarchs have become the Froggy/ People/Sheeple Chattle of World’s failings and losses, scams and schemes, and thefts and extortions.
What’s the difference between the two ?  The Global Oligarchs have wiggled and wriggled out of all of Their Responsibilities and Liabilities and placed them onto the Back (and Backsides) of the Froggy/People/ Sheeple of the World  ! Ribbit !  Baa-Baa !
The philosophies, mythologies and art forms of Greece were a great source of inspiration to the ForeFathers and ForeMothers of America.  How ironic, that after the first major and (non-covert) Economic and Psychic Blow to and Con Job upon America, made in 2008, Greece is the next European nation to feel the Oligarchs Economic Ripple Effect and Psychic Blow upon its populace and social structures.
While the Global Oligarchs are raking in the dough and hoarding it, the Froggies/People/Sheeple of World are losing Our Homes, Our Jobs, Our Quality of Life, Our Future Rights, Liberties and Opportunities.
The Global Oligarchs addicted the overall Global Public to Credit.  Telling Us that we must build up Profiles of Credit (Profiles of Debt) in order to prove Our Worth - Our Value.  In other words, We must be in Debt to the Global Oligarchs in order to be of any Worth to Them.  Own a Human Being’s Debt, and you Own the Human Being.  Own a Nation’s Debt, and you Own the Nation. 
Sound like a form of Slavery ?  It is !  Slavery of Our Own Making !
All of Us well trained Global Froggies jumped willingly right into the Global Oligarchs’ Economic Hot Pot !  Ribbit !
Thank heavens for Awakenings and Awareness !  Whew !  Ribbit !  Ribbit !
Now We All Know that Our Global Economy is a ponzi scheme.  Filled with Empty Promises and Empty Coffers (for Us that is).
In many indigenous tribal cultures, myths and tales Frogs are symbolic of Cleansing and Healing.  Cleansing the poison and toxins from One’s Body, Mind and Soul which sicken, weaken and diminish.  So, that Overall Health and Productivity are returned to the Human Being receiving the Frog’s Cleansing and Healing Water and Earth Energies.
So, Who are We sending to Jury Trial and Jail first ?  When will We begin firing the Crooks Misguiding, Lying to and EnSlaving Us now ?  When will We clean House ?
Who will We Choose to be Our new Honest, Honorable and Noble Global Leaders, Global Bankers, Global Corporation Talking Heads and Elitist Few ?
Since the Froggies of the World are beginning to Awaken and Awarely hop out of the Global Oligarchs’ Economic Hot Pot of Stupor and EnSlavenment,  perhaps it’s about time that the Global Oligarchs’ are Made to hop out of the Fryin’ Pan and into the Fire of Purification !
Perhaps We, the Froggies/ People/ Sheeple of the World should be Hoppin’ in a Time of Tabula Rasa - of New more Egalitarian Beginnings !
And that’s no Malarkey !

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Emanuel Paparella2011-09-27 13:49:21
Be careful Leah. You may now get accused of fomenting class warfare and advocating the protection of ponzi schemes such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, "Obama health care" for the poor and middle class; and fail to show proper respect for the "job creators" of our brave new world. That is treasonous, don't you know? Your governor, the one who wants to seceed and now wants to be president may come after you and make it ugly for you. You may even be stripped of your citizenship, or worse. Be careful Leah. We live in a brave new world of frogs and sheep and "noble lies" and your recalcitrance will not go unnoticed by the Olygarchs. Ribit!

Leah Sellers2011-10-02 20:36:26
Hello Brother Emanuel,
Sir, I truly Believe in the First Amendment Right of Free Speech.
What are Our Beliefs if We do not Practice them and Stand upon them in order to hopefully Benefit Others ?
Ribbit !

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