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PersOnality DisOrders 1128 PersOnality DisOrders 1128
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-08-30 07:42:03
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Emanuel Paparella2011-08-30 08:52:13
Indeed, as the prince of Salina comments in the novel The Leopard: we need to change everything so that nothing changes. He said that in regard to Italy's unification, but it can well be applied to the EU too. Is Heraclitus or Parmenides returning with a vengeance? Time may tell if indeed there is genuine change or it may not if, as the absolutists fanatically believe, change is just an illusion. Perhaps the Hindus have it on target: when we die and wake up to reality, we will find out that it was all a dream all along. And perhaps not.

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