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B 'lymie, We're Stymied !
by Leah Sellers
2011-08-21 09:15:28
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Alright !  Up against the Wall !  That’s right !  We (the Global Bankers, Global Corporations, Global Speculators and Elitist Few) want You (the Middle Class, Poor and Governmental Figureheads who Choose to oppose Us) to Stand and Tremble Up against the Wall !
Hands Up !  Legs spread apart !  (do you feel as though you’re attempting to board a plane at any major Global airport?  Good !)
Now, be still !  Stop wriggling’ around !  We’re getting’ you All right where We want You to Be.  Completely at Our Merciless-Mercy -  and under Our Slave Class initiatives, goals and plans - Our wants, whims and machinations !
That’s right !  All of You Up against the Wall of Apathetic Conformity !
We’ll Brainwash-and-dry, Every One of You !
Don’t forget We (the Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Speculators and Elitist Few) own and influence the Global News Broadcasts (and most Broadcasters), the Radio and Boob-tube Airwaves.  So, through them (and Others) We’ll tell You how to Feel.  HowYou should Think.  How You should React.  How You should Be.
The Time of calm and peaceful complacency is over !  We want You angry, upset, confused, scared out of Your pants !  Panicked !  We want You Emotional and Frantically Emotive !
Then, and only then, will You silly little Slaves and Serfs truly know Your place in the Scheme of Things.  Only then will You become mush - become putty in Our bony, clutching, choking Fists !
Only then will We be able to more completely Manipulate and Control every Move You Make - every Breath You Take.
So, in the meantime, the Games (Our Games) continue.  The Global Markets will plunge up and down - down and up.  Just like primitive plungers flushing out Your ubiquitous toilets.  All together now !  Rush to Flush !  Buy low !  Sell high !  Buy high !  Sell low !  And Away You All go !  Such a drain on the World Economy !
Having fun yet ?!
Consider it an Energetic Cleansing All You Sheeple of the World !   Aha -ha-ha !  Another Great Flood wiping out Humanity’s Waste !
We couldn’t have written a better Script for the Americans parts in Our Games - Our Plans.
President Obama (and his family) began their ten day Martha’s Vineyard Working Vacation today.  Oddly enough, the Markets will plunge downward - ever downward as if to hypocritically mock (and perhaps snidely punish) the President’s time of rest and rejuvenation.
Predictably, the American President’s surly Republican opponents are ranting and raving - “How dare he Vacation at a rich man’s haven while Americans are out of work and suffering!”  The same Republicans (and political Others) who helped Guide America to Economic wrack and ruin years ago (thanks to the decisions They helped to carry out on Our - the Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Speculators, and Elitist Few’s) behalf.
Remember, “Them’s that’s got the Gold, has got the Rule”!
This present day, so-called,  National and Global Economic Crisis took years to foment and build up steam.  Years for the chickens to finally come Home to roost (or is that roast?).
Perhaps, the shrilling of the Republicans has some merit.  Yes, Humanbeings all need a vacation from time to time.  But when the overall Nation is suffering and under economic duress, the privileged classes should not rub their “privileges” into the Faces of the Struggling and Suffering.  Misery loves company (sad and sadistic as that may be). The Miserable, Struggling and Suffering are looking for a Shared Moment.  However, the Situation is proving to be an added plus to Our plans.  Feel the  National and Global Frustration mounting ?
Add that to today’s European Bank sell-offs (larger Banks gobbling up smaller Banks or Banks who refuse to go along with Our Games - Our Plans), and Secretary of State Clinton and other European leaders requesting the dictator Assad to step down.  To stop his imprisoning, torturing and murdering of the Syrian Peoples he says he cares so much about, and the Air Strike against southern Israel, and Everyone worldwide will be able to understand why the markets must continue to destabilize, and bounce up and down -down and up like silly putty.  It’s all so predictably unpredictable !
That’s right !  Up against the Wall !  Keep ‘em flinchin’ and jumpin’ !  Keep ‘em discombobulated, uncertain and blaming one another for all of the Woes of the World !  It all serves Our Purposes !  Our dreams and schemes !
After all, the World is over populated !  We need Wars, Mayhem, Chaos, Famine, Drought, Theft, Graft, and Murder !  We need the Slave and Serf Classes (the Sheeple) to weed themselves out.  Whack one another down (and off) while We cooly and collectively watch the violent, decimating Goings On from Our Ebony Towers - Our Hearts of Darkness !
We do not have enough jobs to Make or Give to an over populated World !
We (the Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Speculators, and Elitist Few) are not willing to Change our Economic Systems - Our Monetary Realities in order to help or save the World, because We would lose Our Power - lose Our god-hood and goddess-hood - Our preeminence !
So, keep it Up against the Wall !  Let the Games and Grand Plans continue.
The Name of Game ?  Stymied !

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Emanuel Paparella2011-08-21 17:47:31
Indeed, Leah, we the people are being colossally stymied. That is what all authoritarian polities do: they stymie the people and preventing their growth and genuine progress and curtailing their autonomy and freedom. Sounds like Italy and Germany in the 20s but the similarities are uncanny with what is going on as we speak on both sides of the Atlantic and as I have been trying to articulate in my recent articles on “Is Fascism returning to Western Civilization?” The response so far has been as disappointing as the response to my book “A New Europe in Search of its Soul.” This sad scenario created by the elites and super rich will eventually come back to haunt them when the pressure cooker in which the people have been put will explode. The London riots may just be an omen of ugly things to come which will be uncomfortable for everybody concerned, including the super-rich…As Lincoln put it: “You can fool some people all the times, and you can fool all the people some of the times, but you cannot fool all the people all of the times.” Stay tuned for part three of Fascism Retuning to Western Civilization.

Leah Sellers2011-08-27 06:30:19
Hello Brother Emanuel,
Lincoln was a brilliant human being !
Also, I promise to locate your book and read your article. I apologize for not having done so before now. Part of my not having done so was ignorance. The other part is my not getting home from work until very late and Time getting away from me (as it has a tendency to do to us all - ha !).
You always have some very astute and poignant remarks and points to make, dear Sir.
I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your ideologies better through even more of your writings.

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