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A Slap on the Hand or a Slap in the Face ?!
by Leah Sellers
2011-08-09 08:31:31
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Slap !  Aha !  Caught ya !  Get your Hand out of the fragrant and oh so tempting Cookie Jar !  You’ve already had a dozen (or more) too many !
Slap !  Aha ! Take that you Fool !  You are called out !  Challenged !  Brought to task by your own misguided and overreaching  Mis-Behaviors !  Slap !  Take that !  The dye is cast !  You helped to concoct and create the very dye in question.  You seeped and threw it into the Mix of Everything !  Intended or not, the stain (and stench) of It permeates Everything !

A Slap on the Hand !
A Slap in the Face !
America what say You ?!  What do you have to offer in Your defense ?!  What explanations have you to proffer ?!
The Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitist Few Own Your Debt - own the entire World’s Debt.
Due to the pre-planned and pre-arranged Owning of America’s and the World’s Debt the Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitist Few can now really flex their over-inflated (due to the hard earned monies from the coffers of every hard working stiff and power intoxicated Nation of the world) Financial muscles.  These self imposed Financial Leaders can now make - are in the egregious process of making themselves the self proclaimed Feudal Rulers - the gloating King and Queen Cons of the Earth.
Countries rise and fall.  Stock Markets jerk, rumble, roll and crash up and down, and down and up on a Whim - a well planned and Thought out Intention.
Why ?  Because We the People/Sheeple allow it.
We the People/Sheeple allowed Them to Monopolize and In-Corporate Globally.  We the People/Sheeple allowed Them to accrue - to amass - to formalize and conjure their Financial mechanisms, far reaching tentacles, and Chase the Financial Bubble Games and Schemes.  We the Global People/Sheeple allowed Them to Plot and Plan their eventual Ownership and Rulership of the World's Governments (and thusly the World's People/Sheeple).  Ching !  Ching !
Why ?  Because We the People/Sheeple keep the Mantra of “Money Makes the World go around” all important and alive !  We have Decided to worship the Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitist Few as gods and goddesses of the Universe.  Their Establishments have become our Worldly Temples.  And the Credos of Finance and the Wonders of the Ledgers of Money, and the Flying Electronic Numerology of computerized, instantaneous Money have become our Holy Books - Our Holy Language.
We the People/Sheeple live by the Money Changers and Money Makers and Hoarders dictates because We have Chosen to do so.  Ching !  Ching !
“That Clinking, Clanking Sound” shall now resound and ultimately enslave Us All !
Bleat as We the People/Sheeple might, Our efforts will not improve Our plight.  In fact, We’re all so Sold on Materialism, and Sold into the Slavery of Materialism that we can no longer Discern the wrong of it from the Right.
History (the Great Recorder and Teacher of Humanity’s going’s on’s) has shown Us that the only successful Tool against Tyranny of any and all kinds is a Human Being steeled by the Fire of Belief in Liberty and High Ideals.
The Fruits and Wisdom inherent within a Soul’s Call for Liberty and Actions and Non-Actions entrenched within High Ideals for One and for All are the Essence of Freedom, and the Essential Alchemical Elements of an Enlightened and Free-based Society.  An Enlightened and Free-based Global Community.
These are the Essential Elements that Live Forever within every Human Being no matter how poor or terrible their circumstances may be.
The High Ideals We Choose to Nurture and Sustain within Ourselves - within Our Cultures - within Our Communities are what Give Us True Worth - True Value upon this great and beautiful Earth.
Not  Ching !  Ching !  Money !
Money is a capricious and volatile human-made invention, dependent upon the vagaries of the human condition or lack of condition.  Here today - gone tomorrow.  The only Things of lasting Consequence are the Things and Ideals We Choose to Believe in and Make Real.
So, give it your best shot Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitist Few.  Play your Mind Games, your Money Games , your Petty Power Games with the Global Stock Markets, and People/Sheeple of All Nations.
Push Us All around !  Show Us All how great, and powerful and strong you are !
Try to get Us All to bend and break to your Financial Wills - your Financial manipulations, and various forms of Financial torture and terrorism.
Americans (and many other great Nations) have helped and defended Peoples from all around the World.  We have loaned and given Money away to Peoples from all over the World.
Over two years ago the American Taxpayers were used to pay off all of the Bad Debt of the Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitist Few.  Putting you in the Black put Us further in the Red.  Ha ! Joke was on Us !  Because since then you have shown Us your lack of Common Decency, Graciousness and Gratitude by doing what Global Bankers, Global Corporations and Elitist Few do best - You have continued to suck Us dry, debase Us, and refuse to loosen and/or release loans to small businesses so that Our Economy can Grow.
You are not pruning America for its Benefit.  You are attempting to chop down her Economic Tree.  A Tree which has Generously (and sadly, at times exploitatively) Fed and Protected the World .
Yes, You’re out for more of Our Nation’s Life’s Blood.  Back to siphon more out of the American People.  Back to insult Us Globally while in the process of attempting to weaken and humiliate Us with your silly 1,2,3 Star rating system.
Perhaps We do not Choose to need or heed your Rating Stars.  Perhaps We will Choose to Innovate and Create Our own Stars and Star System.
Take that to the Bank !  You can Count on it !
Talk to the Hand !  Because if Our Leaders have any True Integrity, Honesty or Honor Our Face is already in the process of turning away from your avaricious and tyrannical abuse of Power.
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