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August 2011 choices August 2011 choices
by The Ovi Team
2011-08-01 08:52:12
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August for most of the countries in the world means holidays but also means festivals – not only music festivals - and one of the best festivals in the world is the Edinburgh book festival and talking about reading a blog all about reading and for the end a summer photo.

Site of the month: Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Edinburgh International Book Festival began in 1983 and is now a key event in the August Festival season, celebrated annually in Scotland's capital city. Biennial at first, the Book Festival became a yearly celebration in 1997.
Throughout its 27-year history, the Book Festival has grown rapidly in size and scope to become the largest and most dynamic festival of its kind in the world. In its first year the Book Festival played host to just 30 'Meet the Author' events. Today, the Festival programmes over 700 events, which are enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Blog of the month: Reading Matters

Reading Matters is edited by me, Kim Forrester (aka kimbofo), a self-confessed book addict, magazine journalist/editor and blogger. I am an expat Australian and have lived in London, UK, since 1998. I reside with my long-term partner, an Irishman called T, in a pokey flat in which there is never enough room to store all my books!

I created this site in 2004 to share my love of books and all things bookish with a wider audience, but there are reviews on Reading Matters dating from 2001, which were originally published on a personal website. The site's main focus is modern and contemporary fiction, but it also includes occasional reviews of non-fiction titles, along with posts about book news, book stores, book events and book lists.



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Photo of the month: Greek summer

By Giannis Mihail


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