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Dear Mr. President, Do you finally get it now?
by Bohdan Yuri
2011-07-29 09:19:14
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Even though President Obama had asked the American people to send a message to their Congressmen he should probably have also directed people to send a message to him as well.
Perhaps something along these lines:

Dear Mr. President,

Do you finally get it now?

You’ve been played by the opposition since day one. Time to listen to your own words: …a leader must lead. So far you’ve only been holding their coattails.

I’d been hoping that one of these days you would finally stand up and assume the true role of a leader. Monday night you had the opportunity to do that. Unfortunately, Mr. President, I still don’t think you fully understand.

Time to take the gloves off and show your true mettle; this refers to your party as well, Mr. President.

Start with this simple profile --- Courage.

The White House will raise the debt ceiling long term no matter what. Why didn’t you have the Courage to say that?

Furthermore, in the next bill which you will introduce in this one week timeframe, you will rescind the Bush tax cuts for the rich as a one item bill. Hold the lawmakers accountable, dare them to show their true colors. And then on, introduce each budget bill as a one item issue if need be. Educate the public on the true spending of each department.

Next is the Wisdom in eliminating the Bush tax cuts. I think the American People will understand. That is the Hope of Logic.

And lastly there’s Strength. It will come from what you project (less for the rich more for Medicaid) and the conviction of doing the right thing.

But, while the fault for the impasse lies mostly with the opposition will you have the Strength, Courage, and Wisdom to lead and demand accountability from those who will oppose the hope of logic.

You were right in that the “American People” have been fed up with the process as you’ve stated. Unfortunately they’ve also been fed up with your wimpy presidency as well, so much so that they’ve stopped listening to you. It’s all: the same old, same old.   

Well, time to shake them up and show them that you are a leader who’s not afraid to demand results with a true sweeping reform. Obama Care turned into a disaster because you’d lacked the Strength, Courage, and Wisdom to take command and lead.

This is your moment, Mr. President………………………Perhaps even your last chance for a successful presidency. You have one week to change the face of government. Presently democracy has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Your call Mr. President…

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