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Danish report Danish report
by Euro Reporter
2011-07-19 10:04:47
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E.U. pressures Denmark on new border controls

Concerns that Denmark may be undermining Europe’s free travel zone intensified on Monday when the Danish authorities were told that they had failed to justify extra customs controls. The announcement, by the European Commission, followed a two-day visit to Denmark last week by European officials. “In a first assessment, the experts reported that they were unable to get sufficient justifications from the Danish side for the intensification of the controls at the internal borders,” the European Union’s commissioner for home affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said in a statement. “It is incumbent on Denmark to demonstrate factually that the gravity of the situation justifies putting in place controls which might affect the exercise of free movement of goods, services and persons at the internal borders with Germany and Sweden.”

The Danish measures have upset officials in Germany and provoked debate about the free movement of people and goods within the Schengen zone. All this follows the political upheaval in North Africa and the Middle East, which has prompted thousands of migrants to flee for Europe, heightening tensions over immigration policies. Significantly, Monday’s statement questions the entire rationale for Denmark’s additional customs checks, rather than criticizing any specific measures that could be easily amended. It essentially asks for the Danes to present an assessment of the increased risk that justifies their measures.

The Danish Ministry of Taxation said that it was aware of the comments critical of Denmark’s increased customs controls but that an official notification had not yet been received. “In the press release, a letter to the Danish authorities is mentioned,” the ministry said. “However, the Danish authorities have not received the letter yet and therefore they don’t know the specific criticism and cannot comment on that.” It added, “However, the Danish authorities look forward to continue the constructive dialogue with the commission.”


Council rejects Blue Better Place chargers

If powered renewably, Better Place electric vehicles can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (unless you listen to Dan Rabinowitz). This potential transition to cleaner vehicles notwithstanding, one Danish municipal council has vetoed Better Place chargers because of their color. Frederiksberg Council claims that the chargers which accompany any new Better Place electric vehicle are not suitable for street installation because they are blue and gray, and not green.

Jan E. Jørgensen, chairman of Frederiksberg’s technical and environment committee, told Urban newspaper that it is Better Place’s responsibility to ensure that their chargers fit Frederiksberg’s rule that dictates that all outdoor equipment must be green. Better Place believes this mandate is absurd. Since the electric vehicle chargers are mass-produced for an international audience, it is unreasonable to expect the company to produce a different color for every country (or municipality) within which it operates.

“Putting the colour of a charging station over a clean city environment, with less noise and particle pollution, is beyond me,” Claus Melvej from Better Place told The Copenhagen Post. He added that the council’s veto jeopardizes the transition to more sustainable forms of transportation. Better Place chose Denmark as a testing ground for its EV systems and hopes to install another 19 stations in the upcoming year. That seems feasible enough, except, apparently, in Frederiksberg.


World Santa Claus Congress 2011

More than 50 years of tradition continues this summer when official Santa’s from around the globe join the World Santa Claus Congress 2011. For the 54th consecutive year this stunning event takes place at Dyrehavsbakken – the world’s oldest amusement park – from July 18-20. More than 120 Santa’s are expected to join the congress with their spouses and elves.

Anna David - Danish Singer - won the 2011 Santa Claus of the Year. World Santa Claus Congress 2010 leave Hotel Marriott ‘by sea’ on a canal tour boat, which will take them to Langelinie and The little Mermaid via Nyhavn and Christianshavn. At Langelinie the Santa’s will have their annual foot bath.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-07-19 15:14:27
How absurd. Nato has been bombing Libya for months now with the alleged rationale that it is protecting civilians from its monster in charge, Gaddhafi. But when the same people, to escape the same monster, arrive in Lampedusa, or Denmark or France in precarious boats and ask for political asylum, they are promptly stopped and deported; and this in a Europe with open borders, and an aging population in need of a work-force; which makes the whole rationale for the bombings a bit suspect, to say the least. Indeed, we live in a brave new world which deludes itself that it is “enlightened.”

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