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Why Are Bleeding Heart Liberals Under Attack ?
by Leah Sellers
2011-07-14 10:10:43
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Christ was/is (quite literally and metaphorically) a Bleeding Heart Liberal.  Ghandi was a Bleeding Heart Liberal. Martin Luther King was a Bleeding Heart Liberal.  The eternally and cyclically Resurrected Dali Lamas are Bleeding Heart Liberals…… And the list goes on…..
All of these (and many more) Universal Bleeding Hearts bled Liberally for and over the continual and continued Transgressions and Perfections, Acts of Sin and Acts of Holiness, nihilistically Destructive Behaviors and productively Creative Behaviors of Humankind in their own Ways.  Each reveals the multifaceted and complex parts of God’s Cosmological Make-up.
These Bleeding Heart Liberals metaphorically and literally are the Willfully and Disciplined Outstretched Hand (and Bleeding Heart) of Universal Compassion and Compassionate Action to each and every Individual.  Each and every Global town, state and nation.
These Bleeding Heart Liberals Fed and Healed hungry, desperate and sickened Souls with Ideals and Gifts of Light.  Radiant, Hope-filled Light and Peace.  Not abyssmal Darkness and Hopeless Chaos.
Christ taught Us that what was/is in Him was/is also within Us.  The capacity for Divinity - for that which is Best and most Noble is within Us as it was/is in Him.  Do unto Others as You would have Them Do unto You.  That striving to Love one another was the most important Act of Will and Discipline upon the Face of the Earth, and within the whirling Mysteries and Beauties of the Heavens.
Christ, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, the Dali Lama…….And so on, and so on…… Understood, and were/are often pricked by the flaws and devastating idiosyncracies of Humankind, and Willed themselves to move forward and Evolve in pathways of Healing Love and Inspiration anyway - not wrecking ball hatred and demoralizing vitriole.
These Bleeding Heart Liberals Resonate within each and every Soul (whether We Choose to acknowledge Our Attentions and Intentions toward their Energies or not), because Their Courageous Compassionate Actions and exceptional role modeling remind Humankind of what is Best - what is Highest - what is most Noble within Us All.
These Bleeding Heart Liberals sought to make the Human Heart, Mind and Soul - the World and the Cosmos a Better Place.
These Bleeding Heart Liberals rendered unto Caesar that which was Caesar’s while striving with every Breath and ounce of their Life’s Blood to Change - to Transform how Caesar (Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Governments, Global Elitists…) Perceived the World - Perceived the True Beauty and Value of each and every Soul upon the Bountiful skin of Mother Earth.
These Bleeding Heart Liberals Understood that Humankind’s most Supreme Goal upon this Beauteous Planet is Relationship.  The Relationship and Values we place upon and within our Relationships with one another.  Relationship is what Gives Life Deep Meanings.  Not Money.  Not Things.
Blow up a House.  And as long as the Human Beings (and possibly beloved pets) that had dwelled within it are alive and well.  All is Well.
Our Relationships to One Another - to Humanity at large - to All Living Creatures -  and to the amazing Living Planet which sustains and Nurtures Us are paramount.  All else is “much to do about nothing”.  All else is ‘sinking sand’.
The Bleeding Heart Liberals Understand that when We reach out to One another with Agape Love and Compassionate Action - when We reach out to Help and Heal and Strengthen the poor, the suffering, the disabled, the aged, the needy, the Societal Lepers….We are Honoring and honing Skills and Inner Discipline which ignite and sustain that which is Highest - is most Noble within Ourselves.  We are Strengthening Individuals and Societies as a Whole.
We are All parts of One Another.  “There, but for the Grace of God (or great good fortune and opportunities), go I”.
We Reap what We Sow.  If We have town, state, national and Global government, economic, religious and corporate leaders who selfishly manipulate and deceive, cheat and steal from their constituents - their clients - their members - their populace - their town, state, national and Global Families, then that is what Humanity has Sown.  These are the poisonous crops We have Chosen to Plant - Chosen to Sustain and Nurture Us.  We are all interconnectedly Responsible for the poisonous destruction of Our Societies and our Planet.  We are the only Ones who can Choose to Change these destructive patterns and misuses of Power.
The Bleeding Heart Liberals are Asking Us - reminding Us to Choose the Light - to Choose other Pathways which lead to truer forms of Equality, Justice and Liberty for All. Nurturence and Sustenance for All.
For example, We should be Investing Energy (and Money) in People, and not squandering our Energies (and Monies) on Investing in the mere making of more Money.  What real good does Money serve if it does not improve the lives of All people.  Why do we think that scarcity for the Many and gluttony for the Few is alright - is Just or leads to free market Liberty ?
The Monopolistic Global Banks, Corporations and Elitists are not our Saviors.  They are Our Captors - Our Jailers.  They are not seeking Healthy, Healing Relationships with the Many.  They want Control and Power and seek only to feed off of the masses for their own perverse desires, vagaries, and narcissistic schemes.
In Essence, in many Ways, the every day, plain ole ordinary Bleeding Heart Liberals are the Wanna-Be Saviors of the World.  They still Believe in, and carry the Torch of Ultimate Faith in All Humankind.  Faith that We can Evolve into Higher Thinking, Acting, and Relationship Building Individuals and Societies.
These High Expectations and Ideals can be scary to the faint of Heart, Mind and Soul.  Thusly, out of Fear (and not wanting to get out of our comfort zones in order to change for the Better), Bleeding Heart Liberals Are Under Attack.
Thank heavens, one of the best things about Bleeding Heart Liberals is that no matter how many times they may be crucified, murdered, assassinated and/or vilified, they will always Arise for another Day - another Age - another Space in Time to be Glorified, Dignified and Magnified.  You just can’t keep a Good Bleeding Heart Liberal down !

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