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Pippa's commando and the media
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-07-11 10:09:37
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When the king of the tabloids Rupert Murdoch, invaded the media world many warned but nothing really happened as usual. Actually twenty years after Murdoch became a legitimate player in the world of media and all of us a few years ago heard him talking about the future of the print media and the internet mouths open since he dared say all the things we all knew and we never dared admit. And the king of the tabloids became the mainstream of the media.

Today one of the tabloids the Murdoch group own the last few years closes under the weight of scandals that came and more to come all of them excusing the reasons most we were afraid of the invasion of the tabloids into the mainstream information. Despite the fact that people are losing their jobs, people that having absolutely nothing to do with Murdoch’s tabloism; one of the worst tabloids in the world – as Murdoch had turned it into – a paper that lived with lies and ruining people’s lives and reputations the question nobody dares to ask is how much Murdoch’s tabloism has become the media reality nowadays?

Let me give you an example, the last month a big issue all around the world and for the vast majority of the media, print and electronic has been the British royal wending. What most remember from this wedding was something that most media pointed, Ms Pippa Middleton’s – the bride’s sister - commando behinds and her photos have monopolize every single newspaper, media agency and electronic media from Colombia and USA to China. And in a sad way contemporary but every agency reports constantly who enters and exits the Betty Ford Centre.

Of course the euro-crisis is everywhere but Angela Merkel’s low neckline at Christmas made more cover pages and while Berlusconi destroys any sense of democracy in Italy his sex life is what is pointed in all the media. I’m not saying that his twisted sex life is not news and it should not be there but the man the same time turns the Italian democracy into a state that serves his needs and nobody says anything. And personally I think that if the British royal family depends its future and PR on Pippa’s ass then they are really doomed.

But of course Pippa’s ass sells more than Mugabe’s murdering a whole nation or Somalia entering another phase of the civil war. And Pippa’s ass brings more advertisers than Darfur despite the hopeful separation of the South Sudan. And yes contemporary media depend more of tweeter reports from the troubled zones than investigating reporters and journalists. After all the last words of a dead bring more socking pictures to a cannibal audience and readers.

But the media were never there just to report – copy paste as lately happens often in the media – but also to educate their readers. The New Yorker magazine educated many generations in cultural issues and the Guardian did the same in UK; but how long they are going to last when the advertisers rather to invest in Pippa’s ass instead of a well worked and long thought article that will make the reader wonder, investigate, learn? And to this point how big is the responsibility of the reporters who have become office workers spending most of their day in front the internet avoiding to express any kind of personal opinion?

I’m sorry but I have no answers to all the above, I just point things I have notice in the media the last twenty years where television news have become reality shows and print news reports and announcements without any opinion and judgment. And sadly the minute Rupert Murdoch became legitimate in the media world we all became a bit tabloid and Pippa’s ass became news.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-07-11 15:53:21
In America we have a subsidiary of the Murdok media empire: Fox News, a propaganda machine for right wingers such as Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reiley who work for it under the delusion that they are bona fide journalists in search of truth. Their work consists mainly in blurring the line between sensationalism and politics, and of course, making lots of money, never mind culture. Vico has it right on target in his New Science: at the end of the third cycle parading as rationalism “they go mad.” It may be time for somebody to call the ambulance on a very sick and bizarre civilization. But then again, calling an ambulance is a rational act by people who are sick and know they need some help to get better. Unfortunately, the mad do not even know that they are sick…. and so no warning and no help will ensue before the Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks with all its celebrities aboard while the symphony orchestra plays classical music…

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