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by David Sparenberg
2011-07-06 09:56:40
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What is it?

Freedom from—
freedom from nothingness
even though we are always
facing into death,
freedom from fear of nothingness
and freedom
from the shadows of that fear,
too often cast by the will to power
of some
over the vulnerabilities
of others.

Freedom to—
to discover and explore
with recognition and respect,
to live in a uniqueness
of sovereignty
a life which is
simultaneously an earth-walk-light in
balance, in the spectrum-integrity
of many relationships
and to give breath and form,
shape and voice,
content and motion
to the poetry of the soul.

Freedom!  Freedom!
Who has this
sacred wealth?

On a planet where
the seeds at the core of creation
are betrayed;
on a planet of
on a planet
of drudgery;
on a planet of
madness and war?

Who, my darling, my
out among the many
dreamless, burdened and broken
dares to be free?

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