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July 2011 choices July 2011 choices
by The Ovi Team
2011-07-01 05:27:14
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July is holidays in most places in the world and a good chance for …Nordic walking and bicycling. If you want to know more check the site and the blog of the Ovi choices for the month July 2011.

Site of the month: Nordic Walking

This page presents a detailed overview of Nordic Walking, an efficient, low-stress exercise technique that involves the use of walking poles to engage the legs and upper body in a total body workout with clinically demonstrated physical and psychological benefits. The origin and health benefits of Nordic Walking are reviewed, followed by an introductory examination of the technique and equipment employed to achieve optimal results. Clinical references are included at the bottom of the page, and related links are presented at right. Sources from which to purchase the poles online are provided for both the United States and Canada.


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Blog of the month: The Bicycle Site Blog

As the author says: Mostly sane ramblings about cycling


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Photo of the month: summer sight

For more photos check HERE!  

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