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To the Anthony Weiners and Arnold Schwartzenagers (Etc...) of the World !
by Leah Sellers
2011-06-16 07:19:58
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Get It Up !  Keep It Up !  Way Up !
Whatever it Takes.  Whatever it Costs.  Whatever it Speculates and Calculates (or not).
Get It Up !  Keep It Up !  Way Up !
That’s the Winner's (or is that Weiner's) Life Mantra.

How ?
There are a multitude of Ways !  Make believe pornography.  Sexual and Material enticement and entrapment.  Adultery.  Shooting, mutilating and killing Fellow Citizens protesting for and inquiring about the same Human Rights and Privileges practiced by and enjoyed by other so-called Fellow Citizens in Authority or in Monetary Control.
The buying and selling, the prostitution and enslavement of Human Flesh and Human Souls (Getting It Up and Keeping It Up - Way Up - by holding, beating, manipulating and/or forcing Others down - Way Down !)
Bigoted or discriminatory indignation and Self- righteousness (or is that wrongousness).  Or just plain ‘ole too High or too Low Self Esteem Issues and bottomless, endless Fear.
Why ?
Power.  The Radiation (and Ir-Radiation) of Power.
The inevitable and very real Energetic Radiation of Power can and will be toxic.  Toxic to the Moral and Ethical Fiber, Flesh, Bone, Mind, Heart, Conscience and Soul of every Living Creature (such as Human Beings).
The longer Living Creatures (such as Human Beings) are around It or in It the more toxic Power can and will become.
It’s the immutably mutable Nature and Physics of Power.
How toxic ?  How Self and Other destructive can and will Power be ?
The answers lie within the Original and Essential Morals and Ethics, Consciousness and innate Conscience of each Individual involved within the Energetic Interplays (and Outer-plays) of Power.
Power is Radioactive !
Power’s Energies can Create, Sustain and Nurture some wondrous and collectively Productive and Beneficial things, seen and unseen.
Power’s Energies can also destroy, annihilate and irrevocably weaken some wondrous and collectively Productive and Beneficial things, seen and unseen.
Worldwide, all Human Beings need to truly Think about and Wisely masticate (chew the cud) upon the Radioactive Energies of Power and Our Needs, Wants, Hungers and Thirst for It or against It.

Why do We think the Bible, the Koran, and all of the other religious, moral and ethical texts Worldwide are still in existence ?  They grapple with and Instruct Humankind about the complexities and intricacies of the Use and Mis-Use of Power, the toxic Radioactivity of Power, Individually and Collectively.

More importantly ?  Perhaps We should also Introspectively and Collectively (Worldwide) Consider and Elucidate What to Do with and How to Deal with Power’s Radioactive Energies, Usages and Waste in all of its multitudinous Shapes, Forms and Manifestations.

Perhaps, Getting It Up, Keeping It Up, Way Up ( Self Absorbed Weiner Users, Abusers and Risky Risk Takers ) is not all It’s cracked Up (or is that whipped Up) to be.


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Emanuel Paparella2011-06-16 09:23:46
Good points Leah. I especially like the point you make on religion vis a vis power. Come to think of it Christianity came on the scene in the West at the times of Caligula and Nero when emperors like Marcus Aurelius were the exception and not the norm. Vanities of vanities and all is vanity, indeed; nothing new under the sun. Enter Machiavelli who teaches that the end justifies the means when it comes to power. Presently in the West we preparing to reinvent the wheel and after two millennia of Christianity, harmed with Machiavelli, we will return to good old paganism and the atheistic state represented by the Soviet Union. Judging by the nefarious fruits already in on that experiment, one cannot be too sanguine on what may be coming in the near future. We are left with the audacity of hope, for the emperor is naked indeed.

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