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A gigantic circus and Sarah the clown
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-06-10 08:23:54
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Obviously too much tea and then a one nation gig damages seriously brain activity or the American education system during Reagan’s era has totally failed Ms Palin otherwise there are is no explanation for her latest remarks on American history or even her decision to make remarks on American history.

And then it was the timing and the place. Why Ms Palin decided to question the role – the mythic role – of an American patriot during the American revolutionary war in the very same place where the Americans honour his memory. Adding to that that Ms Palin relationship with geography, history and other school lessons is very weak the question-mark gets gigantic dimensions. However the historians have answered and now we all know among others the full history of Paul Revere and thanks to Sarah this part of the American history now is well known to all sides of the globe.

Sarah Palin is not exactly the idiot we like to believe and actually American politics especially in the level of the game Sarah is into even mistakes have a cause. Sarah Palin has with her a whole army of advisors and experts and today’s Sarah is long way from the Palin who could see the Russians from her backyard. So all the excuses for one more gaff in the long list of gaffs doesn’t sound very convincing. Especially when this time her gaff is hitting the core of her ideological stand. Patriotism is the essence of Sarah existence in contemporary American politics and calling an American revolutionary hero a traitor – because that’s exactly what she did – doesn’t really consists with her rhetoric.

And then Sarah is a show-woman, an America you got talent star all the way fulfilling all the stereotypes of this style contestants and she’s very protective to her image on her way for the big trophy. So why this mistake, why now and why there? Perhaps for one more time we should focus on the trophy and not on the when and why, with Sarah – I think – it is always about the trophy.

Sarah knows very well what it means to be in the spotlight, her experiences during the Mc Cain campaign made her definitely wiser and perhaps one thing that stops her from returning to the spotlight is that she has too many ghosts in her closet. Actually she has a whole family – an extremely alive family – in the closet and this is not the background any American presidential candidate would want. But the same time it is cool to be on the outside, criticizing everything and everybody according your moods and the party of friends you spend the night before while always reminding to everybody that …you’ve been there and if you weren’t elected it was not to blame you but the old man. That makes you the media favourite. And you never know, it might come a day when Americans might really need savour, a patriot and definitely a tea drinker that can hold the seat no questions asked. Would you ever believe fifty years ago that Ronald Reagan would become a president or thirty years ago that George W. Bush would live in the White House?

Sarah Palin became a question-mark for me after her surprising resignation from her Alaska seat in the middle of her term. That move was totally inconsistent to what she had at least shown till then. And after that more inconsistent moves followed. A televised reality show to the tea party  while her family makes tabloids headlines don’t really builds the image of a presidential candidate but then again American politics has always been – at least a big part of it – a gigantic circus with all kinds of clowns. The only thing that scares me is that Sarah is not going to make an entertaining clown.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-06-10 14:24:32
Indeed Thanos, quite often a democratic system by the people, of the people, for the people looks more like a circus by the mob, of the mob, for the entertainment of the mob rather than an orderly polity. But orderly polities more often than not are totalitarian polities. It makes one wonder about Plato’s philosopher king. How many government heads have been wise philosophers? I can think of only one: Marcus Aurelius. Churchill used to quip that a democratic government is the worst, and then he would add: except for all the others. Should an ignoramus like Sarah Palin get elected president of the US, thanks to a media that has conferred on her celebrity status and continues to pay obsessive attention to her, the misguided majority will have elected the president that they richly deserve, another ignoramus like them that will take the country to its final demise without even knowing what is happening around them; all this to the detriment of the more thoughtful minority. So it goes within a democracy. Aristotle had it more on target than Plato: in democracy things are more messy than the government of the philosopher king but they sort themselves out eventually, even when the scene looks more like that of a circus than that of an orderly polis.

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