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America's Covert Rebuke
by Leah Sellers
2011-05-11 09:39:03
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Like it or not, a Covert Rebuke involves passive-aggressive behaviors.
On the surface (the Face of the American president) the Waters may appear to be fairly smooth and placid, but at its depths can be found the roaring Rip Tide bearing Osama Bin Laden’s lifeless Body out to the primordial Oceanic waters of the Earth.

No longer Food for the ideologies of violence and chaos, but Food for the Fishes.
A burial at sea.  Fittingly performed by American Naval S.E.A.L.S..
The proper Muslim rituals exacted over and upon the Body of Bin Laden were performed out of respect to Universal Muslim customs and beliefs.  But his Body was to be refused by Land Dwellers everywhere.  His Body would never be offered up as a martyred shrine perpetuating the ideologies of violence, terrorism and chaos.  Instead, his was to be a Body Baptized within the Healing salts of the Earth’s Oceans.
But will this Baptism Heal the American Nation ?  Heal the World ?
May 1st.  May Day. In some cultures is a day of festive revelry celebrating the Energetic Forces of Fertility within Mother Nature and Humankind.
May Day is the moment in historical time when the violent Death of the violent, militant and terrorist leader, Adolf Hitler, was announced.  May Day is now also the moment in historical time when the violent Death of the violent, militant and terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden was announced.
Perhaps the Energies of May Day Historical irony are involved within these two occurrences ?
With the Death of Osama Bin Laden, what Seeds of May Day Fertility are being Sown ?  What ripening Fruits of May Day Fertility will be Reaped ?
What is Humanity Fertilizing ?  Continued violences - continued hatreds - continued Covert Rebukes, Avengers and Revengers or the expansion of Peace, Human Dignity and Freedoms, and positively constructive Universal Aspirations and Inspirations ?
The news of Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands - the weapons of United States Navy S.E.A.L.S. is reverberating, tittering and twittering around the World, casting varying lights and shadows of jubilation and fear.
What’s next ?
The waning of terrorism or the waxing of terrorism ?
As northern Africa vibrates with Peaceful Revolutions crying out for Human Rights, Freedoms and Dignity, America breathes a sigh of relief - Ding !  Dong ! The Terrorist Bin Laden is Dead !  Interesting Timing !
But is America - is the World truly any safer ?  Truly a Better Place now that Osama Bin Laden floats within the undulating fathoms of the Oceans depths ?
One man (Osama Bin Laden) who came to symbolize and project violence and chaos in order to evoke ideological Change, including the mass murders of thousands of Americans and other Peoples of the World, and the wounding of America’s (and the Western Cultures of the World) self confidence was greatly empowered by national and global Fear and America’s (and the Western Cultures of the World) need for revenge and retaliation.
Bestial instincts, thoughts and actions directed toward a Beast.  The result ?  The World as a whole has become more Bestial and much less safe for the Many.
Amazing the Power given to one man !  We all played a part in feeding Bin Laden’s destructive and annihilating energies.
Fear makes Fools of Us All, and Fish Food of some.
Why do Human Beings give so much Power to the People who choose to wound Us - hurt Us - distort Us - murder Us ?  Why do we continue to perpetuate the Cycle of Revenging or Avenging ?  What do We get out of it ?
It’s a very boringly repetitive Business - We rebuke You - You rebuke Us - We rebuke You…etc.
Why do the men and women who worship and/or embrace the terrorism, violence and chaos of the Bin Laden’s of the World give such beings so much power ?
Are the Followers of such beings so disempowered themselves that they feel they can only find worth or acceptance by attaching themselves to what they perceive to be the Reflected Glory of another who chooses to act out their very own individual and collective Angers - their Hatreds ?
So, the individual Followers sniff out the smoke and mirrors provided by the Bin Laden’s of the World, and eventually make a Choice to help Feed and Set the Fires of their Masters (and ultimately their Own) of relentless Destruction and Negativity ?
Osama Bin Laden (and his Followers) decided to Covertly Rebuke one of the most powerful economic seats of the World, the World Trade Center in New York, America.
He conjured a mass murder of Fire and Ash.  Brought about by America’s own flying machines filled with Americans and Peoples from all over the World.
America ultimately Covertly Rebuked Osama Bin Laden and his Ilk, some ten years later, by surgically invading their personal, heavily guarded compound/fortress - their personal space, murdering almost everyone inside.
Instead of bombing the compound/fortress - an act of fiery purification - President Obama Chose instead to send American flying machines (helicopters) filled with American Warriors (United States Navy S.E.A.L.S.) into Pakistan (an ambivalent ally), to take out one of America’s major Number One national and global threats, the Followers surrounding Bin Laden, and retrieve valuable enemy intelligence (if possible).
President Obama also chose not to bomb Bin laden in order to have fewer casualties - to lessen collateral damage, and to have proof that Bin Laden had finally been dealt with by Americans.
The message ?  Come at Us and no matter how long it takes - We will persevere - We will get ya !
Imagine, all of this time most folks envisioned Osama Bin Laden suffering for his people and his violent, destructive ideas in the dirt filled, dark caves and harsh terrain in the wilderness areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  A lone figure deserving of martyrdom to some.
While all of this time he, and his family, were living quite comfortably in a million dollar compound/fortress in the middle of a nice neighborhood, and right next door to a military school.  And nobody knew about it.  Amazing !
In the end, Bin Laden, trapped within the walls of his self-made compound/fortress, used one of his wives as a shield to stave off his own death.  Another woman sacrificed to patriarchal folly.
So much for imaginary martyrdom.
How was Osama Bin Laden killed ?  He was shot through the left eye.
The Eye.  The instrument through which we perceive the World.
Bin Laden’s violent and destructive Perception of the World only further skewed America’s, the other Western nations, and the rest of the World’s Perception toward a more stiflingly Fear-based and myopic near sightedness.
Near sightedness always impedes far sighted Goals and Dreams eagerly awaiting to be Realized.
How will the loss of Bin Laden’s left Eye - his Life - Change the overall perceptions of Americans - of Muslims - of All Peoples around the World ?
Funny thing, Perception.
Americans, and other Peoples of the World cannot bring back Our Dead.  We can but cherishingly honor their Memory - their Life’s Story.
Such is the Way of Death - even violent Death.
However, the Living do have the Opportunity to Change their Perceptions.
Can We All Dream of Day when We lay down our arms and killing machines and toys, and meet and greet one another across a Round Table as uneasy Friends.
Yes, uneasy Friends, but Friends none-the-less.
Can our Perceptions transform Covert Rebuke and violence into Open Tolerance and Peace ?

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