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So, Osama Bin Laden is Dead..Who is going to be the next Bogey-Man of the West?
by Christos Mouzeviris
2011-05-04 09:00:48
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USA President Mr. Barack Obama announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan!

While the American population cheers, the stock Markets gain (over the death of a man!!!) and everywhere the news bring a jubilee, I look to the future and think: what next? Who is going to be the next "threat" that are we going to need protection from?

We used to fear the Soviets, despite the Western Leaders having sat together with the Soviet ones in Crimea slicing Europe and the world in half! So many weapons and defense mechanisms were built, huge amount of money invested by the Western Allies and NATO, in the constant power struggle between the two super powers. Europe had no choice; it had to be either with one or the other side. The whole world too, and many civil wars and juntas took place (Greece, S. Korea, many Latin American states) just to keep the balance of power in place.

Even today, the Americans use "The Russian threat," or when this does not work the threat by Iran to force the establishment of American missiles on European soil. Despite Gorbachev having his 80th birthday gala party in London, with many American and western celebrities and politicians being present, I do not see why we are still threatened by the Russians. As for the Iranians, could they really harm the whole Europe?

A few months ago I remember watching again one of my childhood favorite movies; Rambo! I was amazed to watch in one of the many sequels of the movie, where "Rambo" was fighting on the side of the freedom fighters, poor and brave ones the TALIBAN (!!!) against the Soviet oppression. A few decades later, and it is the Taliban, the brave freedom fighters that are one of the worst enemies of USA and the West! It is well known that the Americans supported and financed the Taliban against the Soviets. And Osama was one of the people who took part in the operations, with the blessings of the Saudis. So what is going on?

To me Hollywood is a huge propaganda machine, and it is there to remind the Americans, but also all their allies of the military superiority, their need to be protected constantly by a threat either it comes by an alien, Godzilla or mutant zombies. The constant need to be vigilant, to rely on a strong army to save them! The movie industry has been used in all wars, including the two World Wars for propaganda. the Nazis were propagating against the British with movies that hailed the brave Irish against British oppression! And vice versa the British were doing the same!

Do we need in our societies a bogey man to fear, in order to give our consent to the mass investment and waste of resources for weapon and defense production, instead of investing them on health, education and eradication of poverty. For the constant state of war and military actions, invasions of third countries that do not accept or agree with our western values and beliefs? For the invasion of a country to exploit its resources, to open new markets so that we can export our capitalist ideologies and products to millions of people!

Osama's family was living happily in the USA before 9/11. Yet they were allowed to escape after the terror attacks. And according to the media, Osama was "found" living in a 1 million $ villa in Pakistan! How can someone live in a huge villa in a country that is allegedly allied to the US, for so many years and despite the billions poured in operations in a country next to Pakistan. Despite all the alleged million dollar technology and intelligence weapons that USA claims that it possesses, they have missed a huge mansion near the capital of a neighboring nation of Afghanistan! Does anyone else think that all this smells fishy?

Then of course there is the issue of bringing him to justice. Was he really behind so many attacks, or the real bogey man that they portrayed him to be? How can it proved now? Well it can't and even if it is there is no point to it! He is dead! Who is going to be the next threat? Any more Islamist groups will arise, will the Muslims be the new Soviets, or will someone else take their place? How long until we realize that the real threat might just come from within? How many soldiers are we going to lose in wars that offer us nothing, but they serve only the elites of our countries (West and East).

I much more fear the terror coming from the Markets to be honest with you. Their constant effort to make profit while in the process they rip nations apart, their economies and their people! Perhaps we should start fearing them more, than any of the extremists?

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