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Burn, Twinge, and the Fire begins
by David Barger
2016-03-04 10:03:51
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davy01_400Black traces outline a unicorn
Where a little girl lives beneath brown thorns
Watching two snails leave slime trails
Coating the green blades of untrimmed grass.

A five year old boy dreams
About fighting dragons with sword in hand;
Slashing against layered scales
Taking timeout only for a chocolate milkshake.

Out of nowhere a giant tree pops up
Coaxing nymphs and elves to gather,
And decorate it in budding leaves
Dripping of sweet water much like Kool-Aid!

My son looks up at me in question,
And says, that is long enough and runs to play.
I am unable to let go of these notions;
Unwilling to release my inner child.
In nearby fields coyotes huddle
Pacing the fence edges
Lurking behind patches of fog
Lining both sides of the creek banks.

When morning arrives with travel bags
A family of quails search for food
Light-footed on the country side
Calling out to the sun, “Bob-White”.

And I find my inner child wishing only to dance
To the rhythmic song being cooed softly;
Wanting to forget the amount of danger
Which hides along the damaged fence row.

Wishing beyond the farthest northern star
For kindled dreams to gather in strength,
And grow from burnt ashes towering upward;
To rise again like the fabled Phoenix!

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