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Eclipsing just experience drawn
by David Barger
2011-04-23 10:20:58
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Can a moment ever truly expire?
When a moment happens it is forceful
Devouring all sense and measurement
Withering within one’s self,
And after the moment has passed
It begins to decay along the linings
Intact of the belligerent mind.

Does a moment become dull and void
Where the taste is less succulent
Than when first lick of the tongue
Is entwined by the vantage point of lost passage;
When the mind opens to any thought
Stray or otherwise intended upon closure?

Cigarette smell of burning ash
Lingering on fingertips dry and weather cracked.
Vaginal fluid mixed of semen
Adhered to penis drooping and exhausted.

I know what you are thinking,
But a puppet show can only reenact
The instruments portrayed during
The seconds limited within a calibrated
Segment of Lego blocks that build time.
Sure, sunsets are very nice and painted
Connecting the mind with beauty;
Then again, the sun does set every evening.

Recapture and recount the white sands
 Falling enclosed of hourglass
Each moment labeled and set accordingly
Placed on oak smooth shelves
Sitting secure for the time being and time given.
Smile and think evolved of lasting ah and yeas
Keeping each one far away from the wood chipper
Collapsing with age ridden texture.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-04-23 14:48:30
The above are beautiful evocative, poetical observations on being and time…Steven Hawking’s time devouring black holes notwithstanding, there will be a general resurrection, for nothing is lost in the universe, not even time; there will be a recapitulation at end-times and a final judgment when we will become transparent, to be read as an open book… and we will then know the point of it all…(the logos). Absolutely nothing will be lost or deemed useless. The nihilists have it up-side-down when, in a civilization without hope they declare the meaninglessness and the purposelessness of it all. In fact, there is a resurrection and it happens at every moment of our existence. Berkeley had it more on target: with an Observer there is no existence. I think it was Einstein who said that when the scientist will arrive on top of the mountain of existence, to his great surprise he will find out that the theologian has been camping there all along. Indeed, hope springs eternal…HAPPY EASTER OF RESURRECTION to all, believers and non believers alike.

Emanuel Paparella2011-04-23 14:51:35
P.S. To be corrected: the above should read: "without an Observer, there is no existence."

Emanuel Paparella2011-04-23 16:50:27

P.S.S. The above link is for the benefit of those readers who may be wondering about the scientist meeting the theologian on top of the mountain.

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