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Zoom ! Zoom ! Va-Room !
by Leah Sellers
2011-04-20 09:50:43
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Zoom, Zoom, Va-Room !  The checkered flag goes down pronouncing another Winner  !  The People (Sheeple) whoop it up and holler while wallowing in gas fumes, beer, hot dogs, and the American Taxpayers misspent and further devalued dollar !
What Fun !

In the beautiful capital city of Austin, Texas another thunder clapping deal with the American Taxpayer has been struck by our illustrious legi-slay-tors and some very wealthy, free wheelin‘, speculatin’ business men.  And yes, the deal is laden in Oil and Oil by-products
Once again, a small element of overall Society is to reap the rewards of free enterprising chicanery at the literal expense (and depreciation) of the so called ignorant and stressed out average American Joe and Jane Taxpayers.
What’s the Deal ?
Well, while Texas (like the rest of the America) is divesting itself of the state’s trained Teachers (‘fire those useless societal mentors and educators’) and educational programs in droves (by the hundreds and thousands) leaving our educational systems and Our state’s Children depleted, under served, under staffed, and sadly static in order to save money - Taxpayers monies.
Our legi-slay-tors have instead decided that it is more important that 25 million dollars of the Taxpayers Money be spent paying the registration/licensing fee to an Individual after a Private Race Car Track is built near Elroy, Texas (right next door to Austin), in order for the Races to Begin !
That’s right, Folks !  The Taxpayers are to pay a private fee to a private Individual in order for another group of private Individuals to make perhaps millions and billions of dollars racin’ cars for the general public !  After all, we owe them something’ for all the fun, food, lodging, and visitors they’ll be bringin’ our way.  Don’t We ?!
Just think of it, while our state’s Children’s education suffers dramatically from lack of Taxpayers funds, thousands will be able to participate in the Fun ‘n Games of watchin’ cars race round-’n-round in Circles on a very expensive closed race track like rats in a rattlin’ cage.  Zoom !  Zoom !  Va-Room !
Why, it’s just another fine, upstandin’ example of the fine, upstandin’ decisions made by our fine upstandin’ legi-slay-tors !
But of course, as the (paid for) Radio Air Wave Jockeys, and Boob Tube (so called) Conservative Voices have been railin’ - it’s President Obama and the whiney Middle Class and Lazy Poor who are tryin’ to stir up Class Warfare.
The decisions of America’s thieving legi-slay-tors, Global Bankers, Global Corporations and Speculators have nothing’ to do with the Risin’ Tide of Societal Anger.  Nothin’ at all.
That’s right !  Let’s continue to create toll roads (another form of double taxation), and raise the cost of speedin’ tickets (which only further impoverishes, hurts and entraps the middle class and poor), food, rent, mortgages, utilities and more gas petroleum products for greater Tax Revenue (while we’re wastin’ precious gas and money racin’ automobiles around circular Tracks leading to nowhere).
Yes, please, let’s continue these nonsensical, and societally abusive trends !
Perhaps the money we spend (and the gas fumes we choke on) for Race Track Tickets, beer and hotdogs will help us forget the overall debt, educational and economic ruin the race track (and many other similar past, present and future fiscal free enterprisin’ decisions) put Texas Taxpayers right smack dab in the middle of.
Like the Grasshopper, let’s play hey-diddle-diddle !  Dance, jump and play our fiddles, while the peon Worker and Builder Ants of Society trudge and drudge on  !  After all, aren’t we teaching our Children some valuable Life Lessons (as we undermine and  dismantle the American public school systems) ?  Such as Play, Speculation and Crony-ism win the Day !
That’s right !  That’s what we’re role modeling for our Children - our Future Societal Grasshoppers.
Perhaps we should remember that when Grasshoppers swarm and party they become Devouring Locusts !  Societal Eaters !
But hey !  That’s the price and cost of livin’ in Societies today.  One man’s (or woman’s, or Bank's or Corporation‘s or Speculator‘s or Elitist's) race track - Zoom, Zoom Va-room, is another Working Taxpayer’s doom !

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