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Bulgarian report Bulgarian report
by Euro Reporter
2011-04-10 09:55:29
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Bulgarian Socialists vow for economic paradise

The opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party presented Saturday an ambitious program for governing the country, setting high goals in the field of the economy. The program of the main opposition party in Bulgaria includes creating 200,000 new jobs, lowering of unemployment to no more than 8%, and raising the average wage in Bulgaria to 60% of that in the EU.

The plan also includes a number of social measures directed in three fields - labour market, retirement pensions and integration of vulnerable groups. The socialists also vowed for stimulus measures for the Bulgarian businesses, arguing that the spending cuts of the current centre-right GERB cabinet are actually a "war on business." Leader and ex-PM Sergey Stanishev admitted that the program is ambitious, but vowed to persevere in fighting for a prosperous Bulgaria based on solidarity and social justice.


Bulgaria demands compensations worth US$ 10 B from Turkey

The Bulgarian state will demand compensations from Turkey for Bulgarians who fled Eastern Thrace (European Turkey) amidst repressions in the 1910s and 1920s, the Bulgarian MPs voted on Friday. Only the MPs from the MRF expressed some concerns on this issue as they explained they were not against the demand for compensations but they did support the fact that the idea had been pushed forward by the nationalistic party Ataka instead of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.

About 800,000 Bulgarians are heirs of the Bulgarians once living in Eastern Thrace who were forced to leave their homes in 1913 due to the ethnic cleansing conducted by the Ottoman Empire, Ataka members explained. The sum includes not only private real estates but also ezarchic and church terrains and buildings and cultural monuments.

This is the first act when the Bulgarian parliament requires compensations from Turkey for the once expelled Bulgarians. The document was adopted at its 11th attempt as it was rejected 10 times during the previous National Assembly.


Bulgaria Agriculture Minister Vows to Limit FMD

The occurrence of foot-and-mouth disease in the south-eastern tip of Bulgaria is a localized event and authorities will do everything possible to isolate it, stated Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov. Saturday Naydenov is on a visit to local town of Sredets, in which a temporary centre for tackling the livestock disease has been established.

Over the course of the first three months of the year, a string of villages in the sparsely populated Strandzha Mountains bordering the Black Sea and Turkey were discovered to house FMD-infected animals. Thousands of animals have been killed, threatening a central livelihood of poor residents. "We will not let FMD spread to the rest of the country," vowed Naydenov Saturday.

He also added that in neighbouring Turkey there are over a 100 FMD-infected sites, which makes the occurrence in Bulgaria hard to control. "This specific FMD epidemic is spread by wild and not domestic animals. And since there is no way to control the movement of wild animals, we can have no guarantee that there will not be any new outbreaks locally," explained Naydenov.

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