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First we take Libya, are we going to take next Syria?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-03-28 09:19:01
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The last few weeks we have seen the people of Middle East and African countries, coincidentally Muslim,  revolting to dictatorial regimes one after the other demanding changes and democracy. But Libya has shown a path that reminds knife with two edges and the people of Libya seem to win or at least to earn the necessary momentum for change with a little help but my question is if the revolts to the other states are escalating because they hope this little help will come or we will just see the numbers of dead spreading dangerously all around Middle East and north Africa in vein.

if anybody thought that the Libyan rebellion had any chance to succeed without the French the American and the British planes clearing their path and making sure that Gaddafi didn’t have any hidden surprises behind the front lines by now any rebellion would have been just memory, unidentified bodies and graves and lost people in the desert; with Gaddafi shaking his green book parading in the centre of Tripoli giving democracy lessons, would have been definitely stoned. Gaddafi’s army considering their armament and hard wear is a joke compared to the western world but the very same army is nemesis to the rebels and their armament and on top of that is group of ruthless and brainwashed robots ready to die for their leader/god. The rebels had no chance with this lethal combination and it was case of days if not hours before Gaddafi’s army overtake them.

Let’s move to Syria now, the newspapers all around Europe and the States have made headlines the last couple of days the revolt of the Syrian people and there is everywhere the hope that following the example of the Libyan people soon will bring the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in a position where retirement will be the only solution. But Bashar al-Assad is not Gaddafi and the Syrian army has nothing to do with the Libyan army. Actually the Libyan army looks like a rabble of beggars with spears and arrows. For the ones who watch what’s going on in the region it is know that Israel – undoubtedly a local superpower – doesn’t feel threaten by Egypt but by Syria and Syria apart of Turkey is the other local superpower. Syria with Lebanon under her thumb and the nuclear weaponry plants will slaughter the rebellion in days and the rebels know it. But they hope, and they hope that any minute Mirage, Tornadoes and F16 will start bombing Assad’s army just like they did in Libya.

Probably these people watch every minute the sky waiting for a sing. In the meantime the number of murdered increases and the west is not going to do anything about it. And the number of the unidentified graves and lost in the desert will increase dramatically.

And does anybody believe that there are no reactions in Saudi Arabia? What’s worst dictatorship in the region than Saudi Arabia and which country in the region has funded more fundamentalism and extreme Muslim elements than Saudi Arabia? You will probably ready somewhere next to the crossword and the chess about a revolt in Saudi Arabia. The reasoning …do I really need to explain it?

So I’m really wandering, all these generals and politicians that have appeared in our screen the last weeks telling us how hard they work for the good of the Libyan people are they going to do anything for the good of the Syrian people? Have they thought about it or has it ever crossed their mind the ripples of expectation the bombardment of Libya has create in all Middle East and Africa?

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