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Manipulation Tribulations !
by Leah Sellers
2011-03-24 09:17:14
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Alright, Who's pulling the Manipulation strings ?!  The Oil Strings ?!
All Western countries with Oil holdings - Oil drillings - Oil addictions - Oil Greed and Thirst have a stake in what's going on in Libya - in the Middle East.

It's a knee jerk reaction.  Mess with our Oil and we'll strike - and strike hard.
We'll demonize you - we'll shoot you - we'll bomb you and we'll use Humanitarian Mediation and Concerns as our Noble Excuse to do it.
Yemen's Protesting Citizens are being killed - murdered by the hundreds in the streets and in their homes, but the West - the UN did not coalesce and strike.  Baharain's cookie-cutter dictator-king is murdering his Protesting Citizens, but the West - the UN did not interfere - did not strike.
But yet, Libya (where BP and other Oil Moguls have 15 billion dollars or euros more or less in assets and undulating, hissing energy eating machineries  pumpin' and a jumpin' Oil out of the Earth's guts every minute of every day) does the same to its folks, and the West - the UN intervene - they strike.
In Righteous and Protective indignation ?!  Out of purely Humanitarian Concerns ?!
Libya's Dictator is no different from all other Dictators.  All petty, petulant, temper-tantruming, grandiose, dictating God-Wanna-Be's are the same.  Bullies one and all.  Spoiled, entitled brats one and all.  Situational Sociopaths one and all.
Saudi Arabia is the real power behind the scenes (and possibly Al Queada as its Tool or its Partner in Global Crimes against Humanity).  Saudi Arabia, the West's Ally is actually very sly and belies and decries Actions (and non-Actions) which would reveal the OPEC kings and queens for what they truly are.  Oh, the power We give to hidden (or not so hidden) agendas.
How quickly the West forgets that the majority of the men who participated in 9/11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia.  Hmmm...!
And yet, the West - the UN are being Manipulated by the Global Banks, Corporations and Elitist Few into further war generating behaviors.  Being Manipulated into striking out and attacking Libya using the Noble Shield of Humanitarian Concerns.  Darned if We don't.  Darned if We do.  What a sadistic/masochistic Legacy !
When will Humanity ever learn ?  When will We ever learn ?
The OPEC Jitters and Fear Monger Boogie are blaring and beating out their strident Tunes !
The Military Mambo always follows !
When will the Terroristic Threats and Strikes (real and or falsely machinated) to America and other Western countries now occur ?
It's all a rather predictable terrorizing Melody - predictable dissonant Symphonic Game.
Toot-a-toot-a tweedle-dee-doot !  Doot !  The Grand (or small--minded and small hearted) Manipulators will beat it eight to the bar.  From near and far.  Covering the World in Tar and Tar Babies.  Where's Brer Rabbit when you need him ?
The Terrorism Tango is always the perfect excuse for the World to shimmy and shake to the Military Mambo !
The Manipulation Tribulations have the World by the Throat.  Hear the Death Rattle ?!
There are other more Reasonable and Positively Constructive Consciousness Altering - World Altering Choices and Decisions - Melodies and Symphonies to be Made and Played.  Why aren't We Creating, Illuminating and Innovating Them ?
The OPEC Jitters - the Fear Monger Boogie - the Military Mambo- the Terrorism Tango are all very ancient - very worn out and over used World Tunes and Dances.
Perhaps its Time for some other World Transformational Melodies, Symphonies and Life innervating Dances to be Created, Illuminated, Innovated and played ?
We can Create Heaven on Earth.
What would happen if Humankind envisioned Earth as Heaven ?
If such were the case, then We would have to wonder as to why Humankind continues to Choose to Make its Reality Hades.
Humankind is long overdue for another World Reality - another World Melody - another Life's Dance.
It's Time to Create, Illuminate and Innovate a Global Sacred Spiral !

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