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Streets of Cairo, Byways of Benghazi
by David Sparenberg
2011-03-04 09:35:10
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how many Jesuses are in the streets of Cairo or the byways of Benghazi where blood of innocents is spilled to fortify power for the latest emperor of madness and oil

where the kingdom of heaven wears the camouflage of rebellion and speaks in the language of eyes of eyes meeting eyes

where the banners of humanity are unfurled to signal an uprising of peace and freedom justice and democracy   where there exists—

like the spontaneous flame of an angel’s combustible message—a shared desire for bread for salt for truth – for life to stand in the sun as light’s children and no longer cower in the shadows of oppression and betrayal  What?

you still do not think that the Nazarene was a revolutionary and these earth-tones of skin are for you unsettling  think again  look and step outside the compromising cubicles of the mind

feel what the heart feels what the hunger for freedom is inside of breathing bodies see

what the soul hears in the shapes of prayer behind storms of tears in this newest season of bloodshed and change  What?

you still do not believe what the prophet spoke—“Let the mountain come to me” green under my eyelids “for I am worthy of God”  and may those who are dry repent of their dryness and return to the oasis

under the canopy of stars falling into a desert pool a storyteller is now telling the names of the courageous  the ones risking crucifixion with the faces of Jesus


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