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Casting Crowns - Until the Whole World Hears
by Jack Wellman
2011-02-13 09:51:20
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Casting Crowns recently appeared in our state of Kansas.  It was just an amazing show.  This band is highly inspirational and the combination of worship and the Word is such a win-win for the Christian.  The newest CD and DVD combination is an awesome idea.  You can listen to the newest release from Casting Crowns in your car or at home on the CD.  Or if you pop in the DVD with the same set of songs, you can watch a live concert in High Definition resolution.

This author reviewed the DVD and CD combo that a church member gave to me.  It is the DVD and CD combination called Until the Whole World Hears from Casting Crowns.  It is one of the most awesome worship albums there are.  Of course I am prejudiced.  I love worship music.  It frequently brings tears to my eyes.  It makes me fall down on my face, hands, and knees and cry; thank God for His mercy.  Who in the world am I to deserve such love?  Who do I think I am to think I am worthy of such love?  What was God thinking?!  He was thinking, “I love you…so much that I am not going to judge or condemn you (John 3:17) but I am the Great I Am, Who has set His affections on you, so much so that I desired to die for you” (John3:16).

Casting Crowns intermixes messages between the songs and have these messages embedded within their songs.  It is no accident that this band has won a Grammy Award, an American Music Award, 23 Dove Awards and has earned 8 chart-topping radio singles. Casting Crowns remains focused on discipleship through music. With lead singer and songwriter Mark Hall’s 18 years in youth ministry, the band’s message remains rooted in the student services he has led on a weekly basis since 2001, at Eagles Landing Baptist church near Atlanta, Georgia.

The songs are not created from a brain storming session but rather from their ministry.  The songs are inspired from Bible studies, sermons, and worship services.  The incredible song writing talents of this group all point to the Holy Spirit as the inspiration and the songs point to Jesus and His glorification. There approach is to disciple those who are believers and to save those who don’t yet know Christ.  Casting Crowns provides awesome worship music for you to worship God with and the songs all point to Jesus Christ and His redeeming love.  They are not trying to simply entertain. They desire to draw people to Christ.  There messages and songs are open, honest reflections of their own lives.

The transparency that they speak with reveal the fact that we are all train wrecks and that God has a great desire and passion to restore broken vessels. He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  The day when we get to heaven and be in the presence of God, we will be given crowns (2 Timothy 4:7-8).  It will be a crown that will never perish (1 Corinthians 9:24-27).  It will be a crown of eternal life (Revelation 2:10).  It will be a crown of rejoicing (1 Thessalonians 2:19-20).  For pastors, or what I would call under shepherds, there will be crowns (1 Peter 5:1-4).  Then we will take these same crowns and throw them at the feet of Him Who is worth (Revelation 4:10 ).  It will be joy unspeakable as we are casting crowns at His feet.


The writer received no compensation for this review.  The CD and DVD was purchased and was this writer received no free copy.  This review is expressly the opinion of the writer.
Casting Crowns “Until the Whole World Knows” is from Reunion Records.

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wdford@insightbb.com2011-09-06 06:02:13
i think u all have made the best song i have ever hear.it touch my heart. God Bless u all.

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