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Polish report Polish report
by Euro Reporter
2011-02-09 08:40:31
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Poland’s kids addicted to energy drinks

Every fifth Polish secondary school pupil consumes energy drinks several times a week, shows research by the Mazovia Centre for Addiction Prevention. Young Poles consume energy drinks before taking tests at school, going to clubs, practicing sport or playing computer games because caffeine, theine and other substances temporarily improve body efficiency, speed up reflex and remove fatigue.
“Children can get addicted physically and psychologically to caffeine,” pediatrician Pawel Grzesiowski from the National Medicines Institute siad. Energy drink producers rarely mention side effects and ask to keep the products away from children.
“About 90 percent of parents know what their children drink but they are not aware that energy drinks can be addictive. Teenagers who overdose on energy drinks might have ischemic heart disease at the age of 20,” says Professor Mariusz Jedrzejko, head of the Mazovia Centre for Addiction Prevention.


Poland’s first erotic museum opens in Warsaw

Poland’s first erotic museum in the heart of Warsaw is to open its doors to the public. “It is in a business district, we are not going to disturb anyone,” the museum’s owner Dariusz Kedziora told Gazeta Wyborcza, commenting on the museum’s location on Grzybowska street, adding that “we don’t have any rooms for rent by the hour.”

The museum is the private initiative of Kedziora, who has spent the past 20 years collecting erotic items during his travels, as well as looking for other ‘exhibits’ on the internet. “There’s nothing to ashamed of here. It will be a museum much like the ones found in Paris or Barcelona,” Kedziora says, underling that the museum will concentrate on “erotic art, [there won’t be any] pornography.”

Among the 2,000 exhibits is a Polish condom vending machine dating from 1934, the only one of its kind to have survived throughout the years. The 450-square-metre museum also includes Peruvian ceramics, Persian miniatures, as well as Japanese shunga prints.


Poland's VAT laws in the dock?

Politicians from the leftist Democratic Left Alliance Party (SLD) are planning to file a motion at the Constitutional Tribunal against the recently introduced changes to VAT. The politicians think that the changes were introduced too quickly. SLD also wants to base its election campaign on the economic agenda and push for the introduction of a new bank tax which would supply the state budget with some zł.1 billion a year.

Other SLD's ideas are to take away tax breaks for the wealthy, including the pro-family relief; impose a tax on luxury items; and introduce a one-year paid sabbatical for older employees.

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