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Pan-European TV Channel, more European movies please!!
by Christos Mouzeviris
2011-02-08 09:48:18
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I grew up in a Europe that most of the films come from on single industry.Hollywood..We in Europe not only are well able to make good films, but we have a large market to promote them..Funny isn't it? The largest market in the world, can not be dominated by internal film "products".

I also think that Hollywood has become a mass propaganda machine.We mostly see films about how great military they have , their lifestyle, their cities, their trends, and their currency shown in every possible opportunity..Just one brief example : start showing the euro in every European film in large quantities and see how people in the world will think that is better to trade in the euro,because the euro is "cool" as the dollar,once "cool" actors are fighting over loads of bags of it in gangster movies..It is subconsciously making you want what they are after, the dollar used to be a symbol of prosperity, but in Europe we have the euro now.

It is time to promote "Europeaness", and Europe in every chance we get..European culture,cities, lifestyle.Not to dominate the world as the Hollywood tries to do, rather to get to know each other, and get that feeling of having something common..European movies in many European languages..

How about a common T.V. channel even? A pan-European T.V. channel to broadcast not just news like the Euronews, but also programs, movies, documentaries,music, cartoons, events from all over Europe, even soap operas, T.V. series and so on.

Imagine what great initiative that would give to young European directors, artists, cartoonists, documentary producers, actors, music groups, if their work could be promoted not only in a national but pan-European level..Bigger market..More success and impact.

I was talking to an Irish taxi driver once. He told me that his son wanted to be a cartoonist, but for that, if he really wanted to make money out of it, he was thinking of moving to Japan!! Why? If we had a market over here, somewhere that young European artists can promote their work, why should our children move elsewhere?


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