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Budge -It !
by Leah Sellers
2011-02-09 08:41:04
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According to the American Congress, and the Global Banks, Corporations and Elitist Few who are manipulating the American and World Economies (and other governments) to Go Broke while they get outrageously Richer, and gain more Power and Control over the World Economies and Governments.  And who also had the nerve to trick the American Taxpayers into cracking open Their National Piggy Bank a couple of years ago in order to try and pay off a very slippery and ever mysteriously ballooning and devastating Debt.  A National Debt.  A Global Debt.  It is now Time for Austerity.  Now Time for the generous American’s to Budget.
In other words - they (the Global Banks, Corporations, and Elitist Few) set and baited the trap.  We, the American and other Nations of the World foolishly stumbled into it - got mercilessly caught in its unrelenting maw.  And now they’re telling Us that the only way to get out of the trap is to chew Our foot (and possibly Our leg) off in order to escape.  Leaving each of Us Crippled, desperate, reactionary, and irrevocably changed.
Yes, Americans must now austerely Budget, and the Nations Future, and Future Generations, must suffer for it and be diminished by it.
Why, suffer ?  Why, Be diminished ?
Well, one of the first non-Sensical Social Entities to be attacked and slowly dismantled is America’s public school systems.  The American Public Schools have been deemed by most conservatives (many of whom were educated within these very same “unworthy” public schools) to be substandard, dazed and confused.
That’s right !  Why are Public Schools necessary ?  Why should every American take on the Social Responsibility to financially pitch in, in order to provide for every American child’s (rich or poor) education ?  What’s wrong with disbanding the public schools, and only having community based private schools that only people of a certain financial standing can afford ?
“Yes“, the Public School Nay-Sayers say,  “Why should we care about anyone else’s children, but our own ?”  “Why, should we pick up the tab for anyone else ?  It’s a dog eat dog world out there.  It’s about time anyone, any person of less material means learned that life lesson.”
“Yes, let’s diminish our Nation’s illustrious Future by cutting our Public Schools to the bone.  Let’s budget them out of existence.  Give the already over burdened Teachers larger classroom sizes and more paperwork to do.
Let’s continue to downgrade our school systems with the useless (and very expensive) and meaningless national testing rubric.  One cookie cutter fits all, after all.  Yes, let’s all teach to The Test.  Instead of allowing knowledgeable Teachers to take charge of their classrooms with their expertise and educational passions.  Yes, we must satisfy the people who make their expensive administrational livings pushing one piece of paper around after another, during one meeting after another.  While the Teachers, who do the actual and direct educational work with the students are disallowed the very social tools necessary to run their classroom effectively.  While the Teachers are blamed for the shortcomings of their students Parents in the behavioral raising of their children.
Discipline begins at home, not at School.  It is merely continued at School.  Schools have become unruly because Parenting has become unruly.
Yes, let’s cut back on Teachers and School buildings to house our Nation’s children while maintaining six figure salaries for our Nation’s administrators.  Why not, the Nation loses many of its best teachers every day to the administrators positions because those overrated  positions pay so much more.  If money means so much, what would happen to our Nation’s Schools, our Nation’s children’s education if We reversed the salaries, and gave the Teachers what the administrators made ?  What would happen if Schools returned to the days when one Principal, One Vice-Principal, a School Secretary, a School Nurse, and the Teachers themselves pretty much ran things, and kept the educational machinery running rather smoothly ?  Hmmm…..
And by all means let’s keep the National Wage scale stagnant.  So, that as the standard of living is being dynamically (falsely and unsustainably) raised every year by the competitive wealthier Americans and speculators, the middle class dwindles down to nothing, and the gap between the rich and poor becomes the Grand Canyon.
Oh, and while We’re tearing down our Nation‘s school systems, and middle class Citizenry, let’s repeal the Healthcare Bill, as well.  Let’s throw out the Baby with the dirty bath water (the mandate that every American Citizen must buy some sort of private Health insurance).  That’s right !  We (and the insurance companies who help pay for our political campaigns and international golf course circuits and parties) don’t like the notion of not being able to exclude ‘pre-existing conditions‘.  It makes no fiscal sense to put sick people on insurance plans.  We need to obstruct pre-existing conditions.  We need to allow insurance companies to deny coverage to the elderly, and to the sick or injured men, women and children of all ages.  That’s just sound business !  After all, Profiteering is the name of the Game.  Profiteers are respected in Capitalistic Societies.  Insurance Companies Rule !  Not Bleeding Heart Liberals.  Not Do-Gooders !
And while We’re at it, let’s continue to pour lots of Budget monies into creating and building bigger, better and more technologically and biologically complex weapons and War Machines to kill the people We decide We don’t like or who get in the way of our Budge-It-ary and Fiscal Growth.  People who won’t give Us their mineral rights or who think differently from Us.  After all, We need Everyone to be on the same page (Our Page).
Yeah !  Let’s Budget in Death Machines and Poisonous Chemicals and Nuclear Holocausts, and continue to ignore the Real Needs of every Nation. Continue to ignore the toll Our decisions have on Our Nation’s (and every Nations) Citizens.
Let’s avoid Real issues such as why We continue to give Energy to Societal Systems that create and the maintain structures which give birth to the Poor, the Homeless, the Starving, ‘the huddled Masses yearning to be Free’… ?
Well, there’s a lot of Profit (for the Profiteers) in these forms of Societal Slavery.
What would happen if We (the Citizens of America) decided to start Budge-It-ing the politicians by decreasing all of their yearly salaries by 30%, and taking away their pension plans (as they have done to so many other American Citizens) ?  What would happen if We (the Citizens of America) decided to further Budge-It the politicians by no longer paying for their Healthcare insurance plans with Our tax dollars, but instead make them pay for their own (Out of pocket), as We are being directed to do ?
Perhaps, We should ask them how We accrued so much Debt over the past ten years so quickly ?   All of this mounting Debt crept up overnight ?  Now America is fine.  Now she’s not.  What, When, Where, How and Who flipped that switch ?  Click !  Financial Lights on !  Financial Lights off !  Oops !  Put Her (America) to bed !
But Americans are no longer sleeping or sleepy.
We’re Asking Questions and looking for Answers in all the right (depending upon your perspective) places.
We (and the rest of the World) are caught up in a very perverse and complex Con Game.  Now, you have no debt - now, you do.  And We’re (the Global Bankers, Corporations, and Elitist Few) taking your Nation - your Nations down in Panic, Depression and Shame.  That’s the Game.
Why ?  Because We’re (the Americans and the Global Communities) are slowly allowing The Happening.
Why ?  Because of Our Societal Programming.  Because of the Value Human Beings give to money.
Diamonds, beautiful gemstones we pull out of the Earth, have the Value Human Beings give to them.  Gold, a beautiful yellow metal  We pull out of the Earth, has the Value Human Beings Give to it.  Life, Universal Love, Liberty and Happiness We pull out of our Hearts, Minds, Souls and the Earth, have the Value Human Beings Choose to Give to them.
Perhaps, We should all reconsider what We Choose to Give Value to, and how We give Value to it.
So, if the money We invent has the Value We all Choose to Give it, just print out more money and pay off Our National Debt.  Print out more money, and allow everyone a decent and sustainable wage, living and way of life.   Why are We allowing this abusive, destructive and maniacal Con Game to go on ?  Why are We Choosing to make the Con Game Real, when We can Choose to Change the Rules of the Game Ourselves and thusly Change the Outcomes.
Reality truly is what you - what We make it.
Perhaps, We should tell the politicians’ ( and the Global Banks, Corporations, and Elitist Few‘s) Budge-It to Budge-That !

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