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If Ever There Was A Time
by David Sparenberg
2011-02-07 07:08:20
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Nobody is spared some contact with the common diseases of human uncleanness and planetary abuse.  Cancer, madness, rape of the Earth.  Nobody is spared degrees of involvement with acts of crime, violence, which, always and everywhere, are eclipsing acts of beauty and reverence.

Trust is destroyed; compassion belittled.  Each heart is crucified and life is being stood up before the wall of execution.  Where can we look where there is neither bloodshed happening nor the threat of atrocity?

If ever there was a time to cry out to the deaf, that time is now.  If ever there was a time to bear witness before the blind, that time is now.  If ever there was a time for public weeping, o—for joining hands in a love circle of solidarity and making a candle-like attempt at honesty among those who are equally naked with the soft light of humility and courage, that time is now.

Morning.  I look eastward.  Daylight is gradually emerging.  I face toward otherness—the agony and the promise—and I pray.

David Sparenberg
3 Feb. 2011

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