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About the Cultural Capital of Europe
by Christos Mouzeviris
2011-02-03 07:01:36
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I was wondering why we NEVER see ,watch or hear anything from the Cultural Capital of Europe in our national media. Every year one or two cities of Europe have the honor of being the Cultural Capital, but we as citizens, have never the opportunity of watching in out television any acts, events or news from the Capital,unless we are living in the city itself..What is it's purpose then? Just another way of some in the local Municipality of making money or receiving funds from the EU budget?

Isn't it supposed to have a purpose other than giving money to the City Council? (God knows how those money are used) Isn't one of it's purposes for Europeans to getting to know the city, it's history, it's culture,and the country it belongs as well? Making European citizens coming closer together, interacting, exchanging ideas and cultural elements and feeling less as strangers? A great cultural event?

Wouldn't be nice if we DID WATCH events from the Cultural Capital, and get to know other cities or regions of Europe, coming in contact with other European cultures, way of living, arts, history, an so on? Why our leaders and EU only care about finances, budgets and capita? How do you intergrate 27 strangers? How do they expect the EU project to succeed, if they leave people indifferent, and they do not inspire them to follow and embrace the project? EU is also about people, history, cultures of Europe. Either they like it or not, EU is the people of Europe, not just it's elite. The sooner our leaders and EU understand this, the better results we will have in the European project.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-02-03 12:31:41
Interesting comments. Indeed, to integrate “27 strangers” means to search for their common cultural identity and search for what the founding fathers of a “union”, so called, considered the common cultural traits of all Europeans, those traits that can functions as centripetal forces; that is to say, to search for a vision which is no longer there. To remain at the level of the economic and real politik, or worse of soccer games as common cultural trait, means, I am afraid, that such an original vision will never be rediscovered and the centrifugal forces will have the last say.

Christos Mouzeviris2011-04-04 13:50:28
...you are right...but that is why i took the initiative to start a movement, a voice in the dessert to try and make people realize that is we do not take an interest in this project, then we are going to be the ones to lose..

"they"(the centrifugal forces as you name them) won't be interested in what i am talking about, it suits them the situation to remain as it is...us indulging in any sport, celebrity culture, reality television and any rubbish and consumerism they throw at us, while we remain indifferent in the project and have no say or opinion in it....

we need to rediscover the original vision ourselves, and demand changes..

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