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The current unrest in Tunisia and Egypt is an exemplary Lesson for the people and ruler of Burma
by Rohingya Human Rights
2011-02-02 09:31:48
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Burma a country where military dictators are ruling for about  50 years by ignoring public mandate. The army generals are most corrupted and become multimillionaires. None dare to talk or comment against the barbaric activities of the ruler. The living standard of the people of Burma is  under human standard despite the country is full of  natural resources . The army generals are becoming rich day by day by selling the natural resources for their own accounts.

NLD is the biggest opposition party which won public mandate in 1990 National Election by 85% votes. The military junta not only declined the result of the election but also kept its leader  Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in jail for many years. After 20 years the barbaric junta again hold a diabolic Election in November 2010. But Junta did not allow NLD to contest in the election under guidance of Suu Kyi. Rather she was kept under house arrest until  the election was over. Not only the people of Burma  but also world communities including UN, EU, ASEAN, USA etc., did not accept the result of the election because Junta did not allow international election observers and deterred Suu Kyi and its Party , NLD from contesting in the election. The junta trickfully attained the votes of the distressed  Rohingyas by luring that junta will provide them red cards after election.

But persecution on Rohingyas is increasing  even after election. Junta hoodwinked the vulnerable Rohingyas by giving false commitments. Most of the minorities those who denied to vote them became victims of the junta’s harsh persecution. But none dared to for fend the barbaric military junta. Holding of 2010 election was just  eye wash and an attempt to appease the people of Burma and the world communities.

However, people of Burma raised voices in 1988 and hold street demonstrations against the tyrant military dictatorship. But eventually the mass uprising  -1988 in Burma was failed due to many reasons. Lost hundreds of lives in the uprising -1988. The people of Burma should realize and clarify the reasons for the failure of the mass uprising-1988. Now the people of Burma should look an effective strategy to afresh  mass uprising against the atrocious ruler.

Recently people of Tunisia raised harsh voice against their tyrant ruler and eventually the  president of Tunisia and his family escaped the country and sheltering in Saudi Arabia. Currently the people of Egypt are holding street demonstrations against their dictatorship President Husne Mubarak. He grabbed power illegally for 30 years and he is alleged as a most corrupted person in Egypt. He imposed curfew all over the country. But the furious people of Egypt defying the curfew and intensifying street demonstrations day by day and they vowed to stay on the streets until Husne Mubarak resigned.

Already lost more than 100 lives during the mass uprising . The world communities come forward and expressed their solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia. That’s why I must say that people of Burma should take lessons from such mass uprising  and try to afresh mass uprising  in Burma too in order to forcing the military dictators to step down for ever and restore a substantive  democratic government in Burma.

The two veto power owners China and the Russia are blundering by patronizing the Myanmar junta which is against humanity. But it is doubtless that people of Burma will attain global support and sympathy during the  uprising  and crisis in future.

Nurul Islam,

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Emanuel Paparella2011-02-02 15:10:01
It is also an exemplary lessons for the rulers of China who for the moment are keeping their people happy with economic growth and prosperity. Should that stop the people will realize that they lack true liberty and democracy. That must be the greatest nightmare of the Communist rulers of China. They are already busy censuring the internet news coming from Egypt.

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