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Thai Police to Deport 91 Rohingyas to Burma
by Rohingya Human Rights
2011-01-27 09:55:14
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Police in Thailand have arrested 91 Rohingya boat people after they landed on the country's southern coast and are planning to deport them to Burma, an AFP report said. The group, all men of different ages, were detained after coming ashore on Saturday evening after experiencing mechanical problems. According to Visit Tangpong, the police chief in Trang Province's Kantang District, the group were on their way from Burma to Malaysia. Phuket-based newspaper Phuketwan reported that seven more vessels with refugees are currently sailing across the Andaman Sea.

Published Monday, Jan. 24, 2011( Irrawaddy News )


The Thai government is going to deport the newly arrived 91 boat people(Rohingyas) to Burma. But Thai government should imagine one thing that what will be happened to them after deporting. The life of the 91 Rohingya boat people will not be secured in the hands of barbaric Burma military junta.

Deportation is totally against Human Rights and humanity as well.That`s why not only International Human Rights Bodies but also the OIC, EBO, EU. UN, ASEAN, USA etc., should come forward to pressurize Thai government to stop deportation of 91 Rohingyas to Mynamar.

Nurul Islam,

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Nurul Islam2011-01-30 11:57:31
Thanks to the editor for publishing this news.Hope the world communities including EU, UN, ASEAN etc., will come forward to rescue the boat people and shelter them. But such a situation will be continued until and unless Rohingya political issue( ethnic issue )is not permanently solved.

Nurul Islam AHRR

Dr.Than Aung2011-01-31 20:32:15
The innocent Rohingays should not be handed over to the barbaric military junta of Myanmar.
They will be languishing in the Insein Jail forever.Pls feel mercy!

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