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Now Counts Forever - The Only Thing We Bring to Heaven
by Jack Wellman
2011-01-29 10:51:22
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As a pastor I told my congregation a few weeks ago that we can never bring people into the church unless we bring Christ into the church and then we can bring Christ into the people.  Last week I had an incredible experience in leading three men to Christ at work.  Five others heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so they may come to Him some day I pray.  The only thing we can bring to heaven with us are the souls of men and women who we witness too about the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Today, next Monday, now, counts forever.  Every since I read “The Purpose Driven Life” and “The Purpose Driven Church” I have never been the same.  Our church is completing our evangelism training in hopes of equipping the saints there to bring salvation to as many as our God will call.  We plan to go out this spring in a sweeping Outreach program, canvassing the entire town.  We have already used this new evangelism training in the malls, in the store, at work, and in the streets.  God’s Word has power and never returns without returns (Isa. 55:11).

We have God’s promise that His word never returns void and so I would challenge you to take a risk; a risk of rejection, ridicule, scorn, and humiliation to compel people to come to Christ.  You will never meet a person that God doesn’t love nor will you ever meet a person that God doesn’t love.  Since the greatest commandment is to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves, this is lived out by going into all the world.  The Great Commission is commanded by Christ five times in scripture.  Part of loving God and loving your neighbor is desiring to take as many to heaven as is possible.

Only one in twenty Christians will lead at least one other person to Christ.  That means that 95% of Christians keep their Christianity to themselves.  Yes, we can let our light shine and be salt to the world, but salt and light penetrates into the darkness.  It must be spoken and not just shown.  Those who don’t know you or those who are strangers don’t know that you know Christ so you must tell them.  God doesn’t want anyone to perish and neither should we (2 Pet. 3:9).

No one knows when Christ will return so we must tell others about him today or tomorrow, at work next week, whenever we see them. Take a risk, be courageous, be bold.  Why hold back? The only thing we can take with us to heaven is not our house, our bank account, or our cars but only the souls of men and women who don’t know the Savior.  Time is running out. None are guaranteed tomorrow…so share this Good News today, right away, right now, because now counts forever.

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