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Chain Emails - Don't Break This Chain
by Jack Wellman
2011-01-25 09:20:44
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How many email messages have you ever received from Christians or non-Christian friends that ask you to pass on this email message to seven others and to not break this chain.  It claims that if you do, you will receive a blessing.

One such email said this:  Forward this email to seven people and you will be blessed at 7 p.m. today and don’t break this chain or you will miss out on this blessing. I count as one so send it back to me.

Another email message told me that if I broke this chain then I would lose out on blessings that the send intended for me.  These are often forwarded email messages and the intent of the senders, including the original sender, is certainly good.  I just don’t follow their orders because I believe all good things come from God and He openly rewards those who are obedient to Him.  To send email messages or forward email messages that promise blessings are no more than mere superstition because God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him; not rewarders of those who don’t break chain emails.

These are similar to the snail mail chain letters that people used to send and forward.  When someone got a chain letter in the mail, out of superstition they forwarded them, word for word, to another party or parties.  I for one have refused to pass on these email chain messages and have no fear of losing out on blessings.  My blessings depend on God and in Him alone do all good things flow.  So the next time you receive a chain email with promised blessings, send them back a blessing that you will pray for them.  Now that is something that I would love to forward because we know that God hears and answers our prayers; not our email chain letters.


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