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Geophysics and Sociophysics Have A Lot In Common
by Leah Sellers
2011-01-20 08:41:33
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Unseen, beneath the busy little feet of all Humanity the Earth’s subterranean tectonic plates shift, grind and moan.  Faults are formed.  Tremendous stress is created.  Energy becomes elastic - 100 atomic bombs (more or less) in strength - expand and shrink.  An ever kinetic gigantic rubber band of simultaneous Creation and Destruction Vibrates and Ripples.  Eventually, Earthquakes erupt, Tsunamis roar and mayhem ensues.
Un-Consciously (and Sub-Consciously), within the busy little Talking (and Mute) Heads of Humanity, Cultural plates shift, grind and moan.  Faults are formed rending the Cultural fabrics and structures of Humankind to the Bone.  Tremendous stress is created.  Energy becomes simultaneously static and dynamic - 100 atomic bombs (less or more) in strength - shrink and expand.  An ever vibrating and rippling Psychic Band Wave of simultaneous Creation and Destruction twangs.  And eventually Revolutions belch, Wars rage and mayhem ensues.
All quite similarly predictably unpredictable and randomly cyclical in Nature.  And the echoes, sound waves, tremors and Ripple Effects of Geophysical and Sociophysical disruptions and degradations go on, and on, and on…..
The Earth and Humanity both share a history and Deep Knowledge of organic systematic ruptures, rips, shakedowns, and rocks-n-rolls.
For instance, Culturally, predators and prey, left and right, conservatives and liberals, religious and non-religious, rich and poor, entitled and non-entitled, grind past one another for years.  Just like tectonic plates along a split fault.
Then something happens.  A Catalyst ignites a Spark or gives a Hard Shove, and Ba-Ba-Boom !  The Earth - the Governments of Nations - shake, rattle, crumble, implode and explode into noisy, damaging Chaos.
Leaving both, the Geophysical and the Sociophysical structures, seeking to regain Balance - in a World Gone Mad.  In order to form another Structure which will either reduce or further induce the stress levels already Destroying and Moving old formations while Creating and Shifting new formations.
Geophysically, Land, Flora and Oceans become displaced.  Sociophysically, People, and Fauna become displaced, homeless, desperate and confused.  Volcanoes form and spew out fiery lava, dangerous missiles, and poisonous gases from the Earth, just as Warring Societies do.  Just as dictatorial Propaganda Machines and dominating Martial Law pound down upon the oppressed Heads of the Multitudes during cataclysmic Societal events.
Sometimes, within the Earth, Subduction occurs.  One plate pushes against another - one plate overrides another and pushes the subjugated plate down creating massive Energetic Tension and Instability.
Similarly, Subduction can also occur within  Global Societies.  One Dictator (or several Corporate or Banking Entities or Self imposed Elitist Kings and Queens) push against the Middle Class and the Poor - They override the Masses, and push and shove the Masses down Creating massive Energetic Tension and Instability.
Just as within the Earth - that massive Energetic Tension and Instability has to go Somewhere - becomes displaced Somewhere.  Just as the Earth crumples up and implodes/explodes the Socially Beaten Down, Overridden, and Downtrodden will also eventually crumple up and implode/explode.
It’s all a matter of Physics.  Simple (and yet very complex) Physics.  Amazingly ignored and overlooked by Collective Human Memory.
When will Humanity ever Learn ?!
Try as Scientists may, Humans still cannot predict large Earthquakes with any degree of high certainty.  Neither can Scientists or Humankind predict large Wars with any degree of high certainty.
However, Scientists seem to agree that a Global Clustering of Earthquakes are occurring more frequently these days, just as Humanity seems to concur that a Global Clustering of “…of Wars and rumors of Wars…” are also occurring with more frequency, and are leading up to - and feeding into - the “Big One‘.
But (with or without a crystal ball or seismograph) no one can predict with any high degree of certainty when the “Big One” (the Big Earthquake or the Big Global War) which will Destroy Everything Humanity Knows and Cherishes will occur (if ever).
Un-Fortunately, this Un-Certain Knowledge leaves Humanity (with a rather high degree of certainty) sitting upon a rather Un-Comfortable bundle of needles and pins.
Thusly, it is rather a good thing that Scientists worldwide seem to agree that Ingenious Engineering is Humanity’s most promising and effective way to deal with shifting tectonic plates and Earthquakes.  Many Scientists think that the way We Build our Structures - Our Buildings - Our Homes in order to make them Quake resistant and minimize the Quakes often devastating impacts is crucial.  Is the Key to Humankind’s survival.
Perhaps, the same Sane and Good Advice and Reasoning should also be applied Globally to Humankind’s Social Structures - Our Governments - Our Families.
Perhaps, Humanity should come Together Globally to recognize and admit to its Shared problems and needs everywhere upon Our beautiful and un-predictable Earth.  And strive to Create and Form Societal Environments and Behavioral Patterns which Sustain, Nurture and Strengthen All Individuals (not just the Elitist Few), and the Earth We Live upon, Equitably and Justly.  And give All Societies the Resilience, Character, Wisdom and Tools needed and necessary to keep disasters from turning into Obliterating Catastrophes.
Of course, there’s always the Theory of Synchronicity between Earth and all Creatures, all Life Forms, great and small living upon her bountiful and beauteous Skin.  Which bodes the Question  - which is the Initiator, and which the Initiated upon ?  Hmmm…
After all, to a certain high degree of Molecular and Energetic Certainty - Earth and Humanity, in many Ways, are One.


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Emanuel Paparella2011-01-20 15:14:49
Interesting nexus Leah but redolent of pantheism I am afraid, in fact dangerous in the wrong hands or the wrong minds! The famous astronomer Karl Sagan, for one, used to go around saying “we are made of the stuff of the stars” which is true enough but it also reduces Man to nothing else but a bunch of moving atoms and in some ways lessens Man’s responsibility for the cosmos. Reductionism, since Darwin, has become one of the most pernicious approaches to explaining reality in our times: there exists an unfortunate tendency to take the higher and reduce it, or explain it, by the lower. Sagan would also argue that since we are part of the universe as we know it and the universe is eternal in effect we are also eternal or gods of sort. As he expressly writes in the preface to Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time,” since the universe is eternal a Creator is superfluous, for he would have nothing to do. The “brilliants” (that’s how atheists wish to be called now) applauded and supported this argument without pausing for a minute to consider that it is a thoroughly materialistic argument which reduced the spiritual to the material and turns upside down the notion that the spiritual is primary and that, as Berkeley aptly pointed out, without a spiritual entity that observes the material universe and has it in his Mind the universe would cease to exist. I suggest that Berkeley’s argument while being less reductionist, is more plausible than Sagan’s. The “brilliants” ought to be a bit less dismissive of Berkeley’s argument.

Jack2011-01-20 23:14:54

I have difficulty with the statement that "Earth and Humanity, in many Ways, are One." Yes, they are the same in elements, but in elements alone. The great difference is that humanity ponders and contemplates the earth and the purpose given humanity while the converse is not possible. I might have the same elements such as carbon, but I think. What do rocks think?

Leah Sellers2011-01-21 04:40:05
Hello Brother Emanuel and Jack,
As usual, I honor, and agree to much that you have shared.
Brother Emanuel, I believe that the beauteous blue-green planet we call Earth has been imbued with a Spirit formation, as have human beings. I believe that Humnankind is arrogant to think otherwise.
Our symbiosis with the Earth reaches to the core of Spirit.
Brother Jack, the rocks Sing and Resonate the Languages of all molecular Energy. They are the poetic and energetic bones of Mother Earth. Oh, the stories they have to tell....
To my thinking, Great Spirit Loves Earth and Humankind the very same. Both were Willed (randomly and purposefully) into existence by One and the Same.
Anyone for the cleansing draughts of H2O on the rocks ?

Emanuel Paparella2011-01-21 23:43:44
I have no problem with what you say Leah as long as the spiritual remains primary. I am convinced that Berkeley has been dismissed a bit too hurriedly by our materialistic relativistic civilization and that he and not Karl Sagan had it on target.

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