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The first choices of the year The first choices of the year
by The Ovi Team
2011-01-02 10:03:44
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Like every other month of the year here are the choices for blog, site and photo of the January 2011 and as always we try to pick something that in its way makes the difference.

Blog of the month: BibliOdyssey

And according to the blog-writer: 'm Paul (‘peacay’ or ‘pk’) and I live in Sydney. I’m not a mysterious persona by intent. To me, the content of this site (wonderful things made by other people) far outweighs my own pedestrian talents. I'm just the curator.


For more interesting blogs check, HERE! 

Site of the month: African American history month

A site that pays tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society. View a slide show, audio and video files to help you with projects and reports, including Professor John Hope Franklin discuss his autobiography "Mirror to America." Learn about his career as educator, scholar and activist. (Real One Player required). Discover the Story Corps Griot Project and listen to real life stories of inspiration, dignity and family of the African American community.


For more interesting links check, HERE!

Photo of the month: Helsinki 2011
By Thanos Kalamidas

For more photos check HERE!  

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