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Let's hope
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-12-28 07:41:11
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For my last radio show of the year I tried to make a flashback to all things happened last year and I have to admit that despite my wish to go into details the whole flashback lasted barely ten minutes. The reason was not that 2010 was lacking of events it was just so depressing talking about all the things happened during that year. But the worst was not that, the worst part came when I started thinking and talking about the year that is coming.

The year is leaving us with a volcano erupted in Iceland but that sounds like one of the many warning the earth has send to all of us for what we have done to her and the frozen states of central Europe tell us that the warnings are getting bigger and bigger and harder to miss. But we are deaf. And we are deaf because production cannot stop and the share holders are important funders for the elections.

Greece was an experiment and a crash test of how the international community can react to worst economic case scenarios inside its supposedly guarded perimeters. The tests failed and now the international community is trying to do damage control and of course instead of plastic dummies they used for their crash test ordinary people ignoring the fact that ordinary people suffer lethally with this short of type of crashes. The second fact they ignored was that it is one thing making tests on a piece of paper and another doing tests with real people, thousands of people who suffer and as it is natural they will react. The first signs of this reaction we saw them this last year but they were just signs for what is to come. Once more the states are deaf because and blind they miss the point; they are there to protect the ones who voted them and not the ones who funded their electoral campaigns.

Zimbabwe still lives under the travesty dictatorial regime of Mugabe, in Iran they stone anybody who's a bit different and non-believer to whatever the cleric regime believes and North Korea is exploring nuclear bombs. Absolutely nothing has changed in Darfur and in the decade of 2010 a civil war starts in the Ivory Coast. In the meantime people are sacrificed daily in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan in the name of god and thousands try to find home in the junkyards they are thrown into from the international community. But Zimbabwe doesn't have oil, Darfur doesn't have diamond and who gives a damn about the Ivory Coast.

In the raise of the year 2010 the newly elected American president Barrack Obama filled all of us with hope and expectations but obviously nobody including Obama was expecting the resistance of a well for centuries system that would make him go two steps back for any forward step he took. One of the biggest changes of the American social system the health system change should be celebrated not only in USA but the whole western world. Instead it has to oppose Sarah Palin's reality show! Every time I think of her I feel really hurt and disappointed of the world we are live in. How those can happen, a woman creation of pulp reality shows with a pulp life that under other circumstances should be an example of avoidance to become not only a role model but a hopeful candidate of the mighty US presidency?

Actually Sarah Palin is not an exception, would anybody think fifty years ago, even thirty years ago when Margaret Thatcher, Willy Brandt and Francois Mitterrand were ruling Europe that it will come a day when Silvio Berlusconi, Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel will play with our lives the same way they play monopoly.

And to come closer the end of the year finds Scandinavians worrying with the latest hit in Sweden declaring that terrorist don't stop even in the arctic cold and that they do target innocent making terrorism the perfect excuse for the evolution of all fears. Scandinavia has already shown the first signs of xenophobia and arabophobia and these hits don't help much, in Finland surveys show the racist and prejudice party of the extreme right, the 'True Finns' reaching 14% of the voters spreading fear among everybody and mainly the civil servants who show it with their attitude - dramatically changed the last couple of years - towards all kind of foreigners.

In the name of recession and financial difficulties in Greece universities close and in UK the health system takes that hit that it has to cut researches for cancer and diabetes, critical researches that can save millions of lives. The same time critical medicines for people with HIV for example are sky-high expensive. Thirty thousand children continue to die daily mainly lacking the basics like clean water.

And this is where I stop. At least on the radio I can put music and after the song I can change the conversation, talk about the weather, the snow outside and the new year's fireworks but here I cannot do the same and the feeling that the year that is coming lacking of hope is very heavy and very dark. Actually that's my only wish for the year to come, let's hope that at least hope will not die!


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Emanuel Paparella2010-12-28 21:21:04
Indeed Thanos, as the inimitable Oscar Wilde aptly phrased it: we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. This utterance has echoes for me at least, of the psalmist’s “de profundis clamavi ad te Domine” (out of the depths I cried unto Thee) or of Christ cry on the cross: why have you abondoned me?...) which could save if it was uttered as a cry of hope for redemption and renewal, rather than one of despair. For the wages of despair are death.

I am afraid that, given the present dire predicament of humanity, unless some of us do indeed keep looking up at the stars we are all pretty much doomed collectively. Jung, who taught us a thing or two about archetypes and collective unconscious, would probably concur that as humans we can manage to live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.

Jack2010-12-30 01:05:08

Yes, hope will never die at least if there is a child, even a child at heart, alive. Here's to a "Happy" New Year Thanos.

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