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A mouse click away
by David Barger
2011-01-13 09:29:07
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The sun erupts in atomic flares
With fire rainbows flung into space;
Still there are no new sins unseen
On this planet of blue and green -
Only change that has taken place
Is communication a mouse click away.

Lies run around through every tongue
From poor to government rich bastards,
And the sun remains shining on us all.

Murderers, rapists, and child molesters
Have fewer shadows to hide within.
Thieves steal daily from the pockets
Of people whom sweat minute by minute
For a roof over each head, and crumbs to eat;
And the sun remains shining on us all.

The world has built palaces on mountains
As a shrine for the snowball effect
That is constantly growing from
The very first sin mankind ever made;
Now we know why this world is in darkness
Because pride flows freely in mud veins,
And the sun remains shining on us all.

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Thanos2011-01-13 22:25:43
Excellent poem David with a lot to ...swallow!!! ;)

Jack2011-01-15 21:11:55

I concur with Thanos. It is hard to swallow, but like any good medicine, it is the truth of the cure. I can thank God that The Son shines on all who would receive it; and most will never be the same. :-)

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