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Beyond the Infatuation
by David Barger
2010-12-28 07:40:19
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I never wanted to be a poet.
When puberty transferred emotions
From adolescence into young adulthood
I found her wanting me,
And her words purred deep through
My wandering soul abandoned
And reckless, and I used her
Transcending lust for love;

Then one evening she was gone -
Brushed away in a fading wind
Trailing the storm that left me numb.
For many years I was breathless
Like the coldness blanketing a corpse.
My memory had been wiped
Where stood a clean blackboard
Without a trace of any chalk dust;
When life filled my cup halfway
There was no expression recognizing
If it were merely half full or empty.

A face appeared from the darkness -
One I knew I should recall somehow
Though the name escaped my thoughts,
Until she whispered in a soft and subtle tone:
Sorry I it took me so long to return
As one who has been on a business trip,
Or may have taken the wrong directions
Which lead down a single dirt lane
Where gravel driveways to turn around
Are far and few between unlike a June sky
Painted black with a thousand fireflies
Hovering within a scattered madness of beauty.

Now the affair begins again
With a stronger sense of passion uniting
Two lost lovers embraced in familiar surroundings,
And I find myself wanting the same thing
Which I never wanted from the beginning.

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Mama Bear2010-12-29 05:35:43
This is an awesome piece of script.

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