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Hollow Kiss
by David Barger
2016-05-30 10:33:27
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Hollow Kiss

Black confetti falls
Into the sunlight
Reflection bouncing off
The white skinned moon.

hollow01_400Blue gauze patches
Between the shadows
Motionless within the night;
An eerie howl lingers
Somewhere from a distance.

Red and white bounce
Upward from downtown.
An ambulance siren
Awakens a secret fear;
A police siren sings the chorus
Awakening the slumber
Where danger is evoked.

Green fifty dollar bill
Squirms against bridge rail.
The chilled air listens
To each heartbeat
Thumping on low key.
Graffiti covered train
Whistles like a hollow kiss
Skipping off the water stream.

Back of hand bruised purple
Hangs off right side of bed,
Limp except for twitch
Of pinky finger repeating
The cycle of any raindrop.
Bed covers move slightly,
And pages are left closed.

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